Mike Martin’s Reviews

  • Brilliant Idea, Incredible Execution

    When I saw the video about this I was intrigued, I never expected it to sound so great and be so useful. Plenty of control through the sliders and knobs and the GUI is one of the best looking I've seen on Pianobook.

    Great job Hunter!

    NAMMbience13 June 2022
  • A Fab Fipple Flute!

    Eamon's attention to detail is here is really great. The addition of articulations and setups breath or wind controllers really takes this to the next level.

    It is a great sound, I love it with some larger reverbs but I'm certain that composers will find this sound very useful.

    Thank for the contribution to the group!

    Politiki Flogera13 June 2022
  • The Mellotron concept taken to a modular level

    This is super cool and very creative. String samples sampled through cassette and run through a modular makes this a super distinctive and unique lo-fi sound. The velocities layers really make this sound come to life. I'd love to see a way to select each of the layers with a switch rather than velocity.

    Love the artwork on the GUI. As mentioned in the other review the on/off buttons for the effects are little confusing.

    Beautiful work.

  • Out of this world

    This is a great sound. Beautiful, other worldly textures here that are organic and choral in nature. This would fit beautifully behind some other instruments or as in the demo video create an ambience all on its own.

    Really nice work.

    Stardrive13 June 2022
  • Superb otherworldly guitar drones

    This is simply great. Loving the sounds specifically the Muff and the Clean layers. These just continue to evolve for ages. This works perfectly as an ambient drone that would fit nicely behind some other instruments.

    I did receive a missing file error in the Kontakt version. There are some minor tuning issues in the "pluck" sound. I'd like to see the effects labeled too. The Muff and Clean sounds will keep me coming back to this pack. Nice work.

    FENDERONES13 June 2022