The story

I did the unthinkable. I sold my vintage Roland MKS-70.

Prior to the pandemic this iconic synthesizer I’m sorry to say, was going mostly unused. My work schedule had me traveling so much I was always working “in the box”. When have the luxury of using it, I was always drawn to one signature “Poly Synth” brass sound. With vintage synth prices skyrocketing, I simply couldn’t resist selling it. Prior to selling it however, I had to make sure that this one sound was preserved.

When you strip the patch of all of its effects, envelopes and filters it is amazing to hear and see how simple the sound is. It is the combination of the elements that make this sound so wonderful. So I sampled it with everything intact to capture the gorgeous character of this particular patch, it’s filter and the analog chorus.

This isn’t an attempt to recreate the MKS-70 but rather one specific sound on the MKS-70.
It is sampled with 9 velocity layers to capture precisely the way the filter responded to velocity. A few simple controls allow you to modify it, make pads add some delay but the “Poly Synth” brass is what this is all about.



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  • Masterful!

    Mike Martin is an absolutely brilliant sound designer - A veteran pro that has the utmost attention to detail and golden ears. Honestly, I don't know how he is giving this patch away haha. I ended up playing it for 45 min straight after downloading. Super warm and dynamic - tons of vibe and vitiation using the filters. This will be one of my goto pads for production and live. Follow this guy - his stuff is superlative. Thanks for sharing this Mike!

    Sounds Famous18 June 2022
  • MKS


    HAЯCIKA16 December 2022
  • Supreme synth bass!

    With 9 (!) freaking velocity layers, an awesome and straightfoward GUI, and awesome sampling, this is clearly one of the best synth bass instruments you can find on Pianobook. If you are into the deep retro synth sounds of the past, this is a fantastic instrument to add in your library!

    Alex Raptakis30 May 2022
  • Great sound

    For it's size, this pack may be considered a one-trick pony, but what a trick to pick.

    This is such a good recreation of the original sound - as described in the story, the way Mike has sampled the layers to capture the filter changes as you increase velocity is superb.

    QorbeQSamplist 29 May 2022