RV’s Warped Quartet

A quartet on cassette ran through a modular synthesizer...

The story

I wanted to create an instrument that represents the short pieces of music I create on Instagram.
Inspired by tape loops, modular synthesizers and live instruments. I recorded 3 octaves of a quartet, ran them through my circuit bent dictaphone, and then finally processed them with various eurorack modules. This is my first kontakt instrument, hope you like it!

For demo’s of sounds: https://soundcloud.com/skcuscisumym/shifting


Reviews for RV’s Warped Quartet

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  • Heavy textures!

    This is a very interesting patch that features this incredibly textured synthesized sound. It plays well, and it's also velocity sensitive. It has been also sampled very well, and the sound can be additionally altered with some extra effects provided in the slightly confusing GUI.

    I say confusing because the "white" indication of the three buttons shows the button being inactive, while the "black" shows it being active. The second button is labeled as "degrade" but it enables the Crunch effect. It would be much, much better if the knobs were close to the respective buttons.

    Other than that GUI confusing, the instrument is well made and it's worth your attention, if you are into lo-fi synthetic sounds.

    Note: If you get a missing samples error, simply select the root folder of the instrument and tick all the three boxes on the bottom. You will be good to!

    Alex Raptakis30 April 2022