A rich, playable instrument comprised entirely of recordings from NAMM 2022

The story

My first ever trip to NAMM was a thrill and a shock.

I couldn’t believe how little one could do to escape the constant noise. But, while the whole of it was an unrelenting roar, the individual parts were interesting, often beautiful. I returned on day two determined to turn this offensive barrage into something useful.

This is the result.

Includes a single patch which houses:

-Low and high frequency atonal beds
-Short and long tonal sounds
-Scattered, performative sounds (mapped to the mod wheel)
-Raw and processed general NAMM floor ambience

Instrument Walkthrough


Reviews for NAMMbience

  • Sound
  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • NAMMbience - A Sound Design Army Knife

    This library is a singular multi-use patch that can be utilized like an army knife: it's a pad, a metallophone, and found sound. The pad-ifier function turns the base sounds into a stunning pad that seemingly goes on forever. This is an excellent library that will prove itself as a strong teammate in your instrument collections.

    Harriet Ford Music20 June 2022
  • Brilliant Idea, Incredible Execution

    When I saw the video about this I was intrigued, I never expected it to sound so great and be so useful. Plenty of control through the sliders and knobs and the GUI is one of the best looking I've seen on Pianobook.

    Great job Hunter!

    Mike Martin13 June 2022
  • NAMM through rose-tinted headphones

    I've never been to NAMM, and I feel almost physical pain imagining the amount of noise there. Hunter's managed to turn something relatively awful into something fairly beautiful, with the usual impeccably stylish GUI. It's not the easiest instrument to work with, but I'd wager it's a lot easier than any other recording from the venue. Thanks Hunter for giving me the chance to experience a little bit of NAMM in an auditory safe-space!

    Eamon14 June 2022
  • Inspiring

    A realy inspiring tool you give to us, Hunter, thank you for that!

    FLH311 June 2022