The story

This is my trusty maple necked, three single coiled Fender played through a battered Watson practice amp with an SM57 pointed right at the cone.

The provenance of this beautiful guitar is worth noting as it is a hand me down formerly owned and assembled by legendary band member of “The Tea Set”, which changed its name to “The Screaming Abdabs” circa 1965 and then finally became one fo the hugest bands in the whole wide world….

There are three sets of samples:
1) MUFF – sustained notes using the Little Muff pedal
2) CLEAN – sustained notes using the Watson overdrive turned way up
3) PLUCKED – clean harmonics down the middle and single notes panned left and right

Each long sustained note morphs and adapts differently which creates glorious polyharmony.

Sustained Morphing Drones


Reviews for FENDERONES

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  • An exceptional guitar-based instrument!

    This is an incredible instrument, hands down. It is just one patch that is based on 3 different layers that can be controlled individually. Either isolated or combined, all those sounds are lovely, and along with the reverb that is offered in FX2, the outcome is fantastic. Highly recommended!

    The only thing I'd change is the labels and the knobs to be controlled vertically instead of horizontally, since that's what I'm used to.

    Note: Just be sure to delete either Kontakt or EXS folder depending on which sampler you will use, since the samples are duplicated. If you encounter any missing files in Kontakt, just select the root Kontakt folder and you will be good to go.

    Alex Raptakis30 April 2022
  • Superb otherworldly guitar drones

    This is simply great. Loving the sounds specifically the Muff and the Clean layers. These just continue to evolve for ages. This works perfectly as an ambient drone that would fit nicely behind some other instruments.

    I did receive a missing file error in the Kontakt version. There are some minor tuning issues in the "pluck" sound. I'd like to see the effects labeled too. The Muff and Clean sounds will keep me coming back to this pack. Nice work.

    Mike MartinSamplist 13 June 2022