Christopher Scullion’s Reviews

  • I use it all the time

    This is one of my favourite instruments on the site. I find myself sticking Soft String Spurs into many of my compositions just to add a little more life and movement into static, gentle string parts. Nice one.

    Soft String Spurs19 May 2022
  • A drum sound I never had but now always use

    This kit is recorded beautifully. I find myself using it in conjunction with other drums sounds or just plainly by itself almost any time I make a beat these days.

    Soft Drums19 May 2022
  • I'll be trying these out in my next big track

    A great Taiko sound. Nice variation in the drums and rimshots.
    The layout of the notes on the keyboard is a little confusing but fine.

  • Glitchy Goodness

    I love the story behind this one. Not sure where I will use it but I'll be keeping it in my library for sure There are some really cool unexpected percussive sounds in the digital weirdness. Thanks.

    MT-6B24 May 2022
  • Soft Attack Marimba

    Cool selection of sounds here that can blend very nicely together. I would have liked the 'struck' sound to have a stronger attack, seeing as we have 'stretched' and 'breathy' to look after the sustain components. Still a very nice and usable sound.
    I may need to steal your delay and reverb code for my next instrument.

    Afrorack Marimba21 June 2022