Christopher Scullion’s Reviews

  • Beautiful Bowl

    A really simple little instrument with an almost pure tone. Loved it.

    Dry Bowl29 September 2022
  • I use it all the time

    This is one of my favourite instruments on the site. I find myself sticking Soft String Spurs into many of my compositions just to add a little more life and movement into static, gentle string parts. Nice one.

    Soft String Spurs19 May 2022
  • A drum sound I never had but now always use

    This kit is recorded beautifully. I find myself using it in conjunction with other drums sounds or just plainly by itself almost any time I make a beat these days.

    Soft Drums19 May 2022
  • Amazing

    I loved the Acoustic Impacts patch, some super cool impact sounds with very cinematic/trailer sounding booms and hits.
    I'll be using this for sure.

    CONCRETA29 September 2022
  • Looks and Sounds Amazing

    I love switching the fan on and off, great touch.
    This is super cleanly recorded and sounds great. Not a fault to be found.