The story

The same story as ‘Tatak – Felt Piano’ except in this case I muted the strings with my thumb while they were played.

I recorded very few notes for this version and it works surprisingly well. I wouldn’t recommend playing chords or elaborate parts as that wasn’t the idea behind the instrument. It works nicely when playing high and pointing out the main notes in a slow melodic line, that’s what I like it for anyway.
Keep it simple.

Recorded with 2 Line Audio CM3’s into Apogee Duet.

Reviews for Tatak – Felt Piano [Muted]

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  • Immediate Indie Vibes

    The first note immediately sounded like a great indie movie vibe. Then I let the note go and it stopped immediately. No release time at all. It felt weird, but then it dawned on me to try it with a reverb instead of trying to add release to it, and wow....
    This plays so well with any reverb feel you're trying to fit it into, and I think you've just taught me something as well.

    The playability is very flexible due to this. It's up to how you treat it afterward.

    I like that the raw samples are just purely muted, no extra room sound or anything.

    I'd usually ask for more in the GUI, but this library really just tells me to go have fun with my DAW and other plugins.

    rrahim24 May 2022
  • A felt piano but not really

    I went into this one expecting something like soft piano but I was pleasently surprised! This one feels more punchy but still soft. Sounds really good!

    Snake24 May 2022
  • Cool sound but i dont really see the point

    I feel like i could achieve this sound by just playing a piano in a staccato fashion. i dont think i need a separate instrument for it. To be fair it does kind of have pluckiness to it which is unique. Its a shame its not more dynamic because dynamics are such an important part of staccato and pitzacatto playing. I really like the sound of the high end but the low end is a bit honky. I dont think id personally find much use for this but i hope others enjoy it. It could be cool for layering

    septemberwalk14 November 2021
  • thumb(s) up

    there's a literal human quality to this one that definitely sounds like a 'thumb' - it's a nice kind of mute with a soft body that allows for a lot of the resonance to cut thru the initial attack. good work and thanks for sharing this!

    Geoff Ereth24 May 2022
  • Nice hammery felt sound

    If you are looking for a kind of percussive yet still felt sounding piano, this might be a good choice for you. It's not dynamic at all, but it might have the sound you are looking for - though I have to say that I've found many other similar sounding ones with a more controlled noise. This one is a little bit noisy for sure, but it's not like you can easily spot it.

    Alex Raptakis19 October 2021