Tatak – Felt Piano [Muted]

Felt piano muted by thumbs. Recorded with 2 Line Audio CM3's into Apogee Duet....

The story

The same story as ‘Tatak – Felt Piano’ except in this case I muted the strings with my thumb while they were played.

I recorded very few notes for this version and it works surprisingly well, especially good for playing high and pointing out the main notes in a slow melodic line, that’s what I like it for anyway.

Recorded with 2 Line Audio CM3’s into Apogee Duet.

Reviews for Tatak – Felt Piano [Muted]

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  • Cool sound but i dont really see the point

    I feel like i could achieve this sound by just playing a piano in a staccato fashion. i dont think i need a separate instrument for it. To be fair it does kind of have pluckiness to it which is unique. Its a shame its not more dynamic because dynamics are such an important part of staccato and pitzacatto playing. I really like the sound of the high end but the low end is a bit honky. I dont think id personally find much use for this but i hope others enjoy it. It could be cool for layering

    septemberwalk14 November 2021
  • Nice hammery felt sound

    If you are looking for a kind of percussive yet still felt sounding piano, this might be a good choice for you. It's not dynamic at all, but it might have the sound you are looking for - though I have to say that I've found many other similar sounding ones with a more controlled noise. This one is a little bit noisy for sure, but it's not like you can easily spot it.

    Alex Raptakis19 October 2021