The story

This is my second sampled instrument. Building on my first instrument, the Dissonant Bowl (, I have been exploring various methods to tidy up samples and recently bought iZotope’s Iris 2. This allowed me to isolate the fundamental chime from the previous sample. I played six different notes and saved them as .WAV files. I still have not worked out how to include them all in one Decent Sampler instrument, so although the samples are in the included directory, I use just the C3 version. I also haven’t researched how to make different velocity layers as yet (next step) so there is only one available here. I do like the cleaner sound of Dry Bowl, particularly the pretty region between C3 and C5. This instrument stretches from C0 to C6.

Again, I have used Florian Hirschmann’s ‘The Lamp’ from ( as a basis for this instrument.

If you use this instrument in your work, please do comment here or drop me an e-mail: steve (at) sonuslucis (dot) com


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  • Beautiful Bowl

    A really simple little instrument with an almost pure tone. Loved it.

  • The bowl and the droplets

    The sound coming from this very small sized bowl instrument is what I would call "melodic droplets". It is similar to an analog sine-like wave but short and warm, something that makes me want to pair it with water droplets. If you combine it with the included reverb, the effect becomes very lush and cinematic, especially on the higher range.

    Speaking of range, the samples cover six full octaves, with a nice and clean sound quality, along with a responsive attack. All in all it's a great little instrument that, due to its tiny size, it can easily fit in your library without a problem, and for absolutely free!

    If you enjoyed this one, be sure to check a similar, but different kind of bowl right in the Destiny's Agent's profile.

    Alex Raptakis07 September 2022
  • Simple with a great sound

    This pack is great. Its small size makes it a very portable resource. The sounds are ideal for frozen, spacious and intimate scenes.

    The interface is nice, although the names of the controls are not very distinguishable. If the lettering had a darker tone and a larger size, it would have improved the control experience. Also, this is more of a personal taste, I think the addition of a delay control would have been great.

    Overall, it is a highly recommended pack.

    GuilleDSamplist 22 September 2022