Tatak – Toy Piano

Toy piano from a charity shop in Portadown sampled with two Line Audio cm3s....

The story

I found this half broken toy piano in a charity shop in Portadown.

I am from Northern Ireland but have lived in Brazil since 2011. Every time I go home I love to go through the charity shops and try to find anything that makes sound. I got this toy piano but unfortunately it wouldn’t fit in our already stuffed suitcases to bring back to Brazil. I sat in the living room one night after everybody slept and sampled the wee thing before catching our flight.

I miced it with 2 Line Audio cm3s. One at the front which picked up a lot of mechanical noise and the other at the back.


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  • Spooky quality

    Really captures a mal-tuned toy piano in a creepy, 'Child's play' sort of way. Definite soundtrack instrument to instil terror if used well.

    Boag111 October 2021