The story

I took the AFRORACK samples and threw them into a software called Forester to make some new source material. ( )
My idea was to make some sounds that would be interesing enough as padish type sounds but not too complicated that they would need much tecnhical wizardry to make them work well in Decent Sampler.
This is my first Decent Sampler instrument I made, go easy on me.

Making A Glitchy Pad Sample Instrument


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  • Newbie Likes this

    Yeh - I'm new to all this decent sampler stuff so running around ike a kid at a fairground with a free pass - - but this one is super atmospheric and inspirational. Well done feller

    Steve08 November 2022
  • 3 for one, times two

    This is a very smart way to make a relatively familiar sound to something very unique. Not only there are 3 different sounds packed in a very small package, but the extra function of being able to blend between a pad and a glitch sound makes this very special. If I had to complain about something, that would be the glitch not starting immediately in the case you have your modwheel all the way down initially - you will first hear the "original" sample, and the glitches will occur a few seconds later.

    The sounds though are very nice, and along with all the useful settings in the very clean and easily readable GUI, this is a very, very solid and creative instrument!

    Alex Raptakis30 June 2022
  • 8-bit sounding grungey tones

    I really quite like this one. There's something almost 8-bit about the sound of "Glitchd2" (minus the glitches).

    They aren't very "pad like" until you stretch out the attack and release - but that just makes them dual purpose :-)

    QorbeQSamplist 22 June 2022
  • Taktak Glitch 2 is sublime!

    The sounds within this pack are fantastic, but I was taken aback by preset 2- gorgeous retro synth sound here! I found the other sounds to be less usable in more than the specific context they are within, but its a solid entry and the GUI is very readable!

    23 June 2022
  • A very good first attempt!

    Decent Sampler has quite a learning curve to ascend for first timers. There's a lot to get your head around, and the XML way of writing 'code' may be unfamiliar to many people.

    This virtual instrument uses an edited version of the XML from Tobias James' Mechanised Choir, with replaced samples edited and processed from the supplied Afrorack set. The main control is hidden because the entity mapping was omitted, but because it is mapped to the Mod Wheel, then that doesn't matter at all - although once you know where the control is, you can still alter it using the mouse!

    The UI is clean and easy to interpret. The chorus effect has nice preset values, but control is limited - there's only a Wet/Dry mix rotary control. The 'Tone' low pass filter 'law' has been altered using a translation table, which makes it much more usable than the default linear 'law'.

    The Attack and Release controls work well in a Pad context for controlling the start and end of the sounds.

    I like the idea of exploiting the already glitchy nature of the Afrorack source material to make some glitchy pads - most people seem to be trying to tidy up / clean up the source! It is nice to have inspiring characterful sounds which stretch the boundaries!

    Overall, a solid first sample pack, with lots of promise for the future. Now I just have to wait for the next one, and the one after that is going to be amazing, or should I say 'amazng'!

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