The story

This quick little library happened via a combination of playing and having fun with the recently released (at time of writing) LABS trumpet library and building guilt from promising some trombone instruments over at the pianobook forums. So here they are / it is (The trombones and trumpets, the instrument)! The idea was sort of since I’m not really a professional player, I shouldn’t try to sound like one. So I decided to play a few round robins and velocity layers on open notes, with a little more chaos added per intensity layer. At the bottom end you get some fairly smooth and soft pads, while the top has more aggressive bends and vibrato. Kontakt 6.2.2+

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  • I Love It

    Fits me just fine , I am always looking for someting different yo use as not to sound like everyone else , thanks

    Pooneyman26 April 2024
  • Very interesting vibration of the brass library!

    Very interesting! I did not know what to expect, but I imagined of some country instrument by listening to the sound. Warm, simple vibration of the brass.

    Asuka Amane20 October 2021
  • Brass square wave...

    I honestly wasn't planning on enjoying this instrument due to it's simplicity, but I actually liked it. It has many square-wave like qualities but with a nicer timbre from the brass. Overall, it needs more controls to customize the sounds, and notes in the lower register are scooping in to their pitch, which is not always a great thing.

    Christopher26 October 2021
  • Very, very simple

    This seems more like a modern workstation keyboard engine trying to create brass sounds. It's not fully realistic, but it's not too synthy either. I found the lower range being the better one for my taste. The higher you go, the more synthy it becomes, to the point that may start sounding a little more artificial than you might expect. Most of the samples suffer from a little noise, but the hardest thing to deal with is that, due to the short sample length, the looping introduces some weird clickly noises.

    Alex Raptakis28 October 2021
  • Pretty Cool but inconsistent

    This seems like it has potential but its very inconsistent in its current state. It feels like some notes are more realistic than others and it feels like theres sometimes noticeable timbre changes between notes which is weird. Some notes can sound pretty natural while others pretty synthy. It also kind of feels inconsistent in the sample editing where some notes have really sharp cutoffs or dont start and end as naturally as others. Theres also a pretty exaggerated pitch bend into some of the notes that makes it less usable. I suppose this could be good for layering ontop of more realistic sounding brass for a kind of hybrid score vibe but in its current state i wouldent really get much out of this

    septemberwalk12 November 2021
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