The story


This was a bit of a weird project for me that I ended up also doing YouTube content for —

Essentially I wanted to make a sampler instrument that pretty much anyone could use. I don’t necessarily think it is the pinnacle of sampling by any means, nor the most high quality samples, but I wanted something that could show that anyone could make a sampler instrument, how it was done, and that pretty much anything will suffice.

This instrument is called a Master-key, its a chromatic pitch pipe from F to F.

I’ve sampled it chromatically with no round robins and a single velocity layer.

Included is the original sample-set, as well as a Noise-Reduced set which are used and referenced in the final instruments.

If you have any issues with the instrument, don’t hesitate to reach out. I am almost certain some will appear, as this is sort of a testament to developing musical tools for a wide variety of platforms. Some errors or little mishaps are bound to occur it’s even messier in plugin development, and I’d like to address them if possible.

Thank you for partaking in this little sound and lesson, and if it finds you musical utility I would be even more grateful.


A sampler instrument for everyone

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  • A lovely breathy little instrument

    I really love the 'breathy' quality to this super simple, super cool instrument! To me there's an almost vintage or retro feel, like a barrel organ or something. Not surprising I suppose, it being sampled from such a simple physical instrument. It captures a really specific sound.

    The idea of making a very simple, accessible instrument to help people get started is awesome! And it really showcases the way that something with limited playability can be extended through sampling and turned into a fully fledged, very playable instrument.

    I would love to see a more fleshed out version though, including a GUI with tone control (just to tame that breathynes, if needed) and maybe a bit of splosh and chorus to play around with.

    Sure it's a little cheesy, but in the best way!

    Tobias JamesSamplist 01 April 2022
  • Well, that's a new instrument to me....

    It's one that I've never seen before and I hope seeing more of! It sounds pretty weird, but not in a bad way. It almost sounds like a synth (square and saw kinda) breathing...
    No UI, sad, but it works, so, well...

    Snake24 May 2022
  • Fairly simple but openly available!

    This is a really, really simple instrument that you will be definitely able to use no matter what platform you prefer to be on. It's a simple, harmonica-like instrument that sounds decent enough by itself, with very good sound quality.

    You won't find any options to mess with, but depending on which sampler you will choose to load it on, you may find additional settings. For example in Kontakt you can mess with the ADSR settings under the modulation window, or in SFZ you have access to a Tremolo setting.

    Alex Raptakis21 March 2022