The story

The instrument is a two manual/three rank (8/8/4) design with cabinetry closely styled to resemble a 1750 Kirckman English harpsichord. The sound resembles existing Kirckmans (easily found on recordings), but the mechanics are custom and modern. The long string length of the instrument produces a warm resonant tone with long reverberation.

I captured every note from the F1-F6 61-note range for seven manual/registration combinations:

– Lower Manual- Upper Manual (slightly more nasal quality)
– Upper Manual with the regular and Nasat plectras for a strong nasal quality
– Upper Manual with the Nasat plectra only for a softer nasal quality
– Lower Manual + 4′ Stop
– Lower Manual coupled to the Upper Manual + 4′ Stop (full instrument)
– Lower Manual with Buff stop (leather mutes applied to each string for a lute-like sound)

My goal was to capture all the quirks and mechanical noises that are different for every key press and delightful release, and for every manual/registration combination due to the hand-built design.

Reviews for Harpsimachord

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  • Insanely Fun

    This is now probably my favorite harpsichord library
    all of the different ranges / combinations feel really good and the recordings for the samples are very pleasant and thorough.

    ConnerSamplist 13 October 2022
  • Noisy

    The options are great but while I can hear the mechanics of the instrument I can also hear a lot of white noise that slowly fades out after releasing. Unless it gets cleaned up I most likely won’t use it

    Hiromoto Music06 November 2022