Arseniy Kunin’s Reviews

  • Great for authentic-sounding guitar passages!

    At first, lack of tails and a dry thin sound seemed like a shortcoming to me, but I quickly discovered that this simple instrument is very playable and versatile, it's really suited for playing as if you're playing an actual flamenco guitar, so decorations, fast passages - this guitar has it! It's also capable of being lyrical and gentle. I also wrote a demo called Zorro Goes East! It's quite dressed, but the Brodero is soloing most of the time.

    Brodero27 October 2021
  • Truly immersive lo-fi sound

    Definitely not the cleanest of sounds, but something about its character instantly makes me want to write a dark lo-fi beat, I think its quite beautiful in its rawness and simplicity! Best sounding when pitched down an octave imo.