The story

I actually made this in 2020 and thought I posted it but just noticed that I hadn’t so I’m giving it to you now! This was my first instrument I made while learning how to use Kontakt (previously was only on Logic Sampler).

I was unable to bring my bass when I moved to LA for my freshman year of college, so I sampled this one before I left so I’d still be able to have my own unique bass sound without all of my gear with me. Since then I have now fully moved out of my parents house and I have a sick studio with all of my gear and plenty more I’ve acquired since then.

I used this bass for a lot of projects and I hope you can too!

Also I truly cant remember why I titled it that. Just gonna have to trust 2020 me on that.



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  • so nice

    so nice and simple bass!!! pretty mellow tone! thanks!!

    @VKODBEATS (producer)31 October 2023
  • The perfect Bass

    this bass is just perfect, i've been trying to find a bass where i could use in my Queen covers and get that John Deacon feeling not only by the notes, but by the sound the bass actually made, and this is the perfect bass, it suited all my projects just right!

    Fedu07 February 2023
  • Thick and Playable Bass

    A simple instrument with a clear but fat sound

    Arseniy KuninSamplist 22 January 2023