The story

Whenever I cooked with this wok at my parents’ house, I was always impressed by the clear tone that
rang out when I bumped it on cupboards or the stove top. I eventually got around to sampling it, and was very happy with the result! It has a vibraphone-like tone that sounds good stretched across a wide range, with chime-like high end and timpani/gong sounds in the lowest round, and good dynamic response throughout.
To expand the instrument, I also played around for the first time with stretching and editing in
PaulXStretch. From these experiments I created a ‘Pad’ sound and a kind of synth-bass sound.

The project stalled at this point because I wanted to give the GUI a bit of extra character but didn’t really have the knowledge to achieve what I wanted. But after many months and a few other instruments to build my confidence in features like custom knobs and labels, I finally achieved
something like what I had envisioned.

The 3 sounds are split into separate patches, each named after a stir-fry dish, as follows:
Gai Ding – the vibraphone-esque struck-wok ‘ding’ sound
Phat Phrik King – the ‘phat’ synth bass sound from a stretched/tweaked sample
Pad See Ew – the pad sound from a stretched sample

Controls (Reverb, ADSR, etc.) can be tweaked via the ‘woks’ on the right, which alter the ‘recipe’
quantities to your personal taste.

The Gai Ding patch also includes the Kontakt Factory Arpeggiator to take full advantage of the
dynamics and range.


Reviews for Stir-Frylophone

  • Sound
  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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    Brilliant instrument!! So many different uses, go and experiment.

    Thanks so much!!

    Muso24 April 2023
  • Lovely and playable

    Another Gem - thank you very much. Finds place between percussion and ominious melodies.
    Also liked the layout. Great sounds!

    thomekk18 August 2023
  • Very nice sounds

    I must admit that the instrument's sounds very nice.
    I like especially Gai Ding. It seems a bit a hangdrum or steel drum/handpan.
    But very nice and also round robins.
    Good Job.

    zenek_paskudnik21 February 2023