The story

The source of this particular instrument has been lost to history, but was probably picked up by a family member as a holiday souvenir. It is a duct / fipple flute, and resembles either the Thai Khlui or similar Cambodian Khloy. Based on sound samples and other descriptions online, I’ve concluded this is probably closer to a Khlui, and my other similar flute is more representative of a typical Khloy. The Khlui is an ancient woodwind instrument which comes in several sizes – these samples were taken from a smaller version of the instrument, called Khlui lib. It becomes the second instrument in my ‘Winds of the World’ series made from my collection of odd flutes.

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  • Lovely flute

    I love this one. Both the legato and poly patches work very well. Thank you!!!

    andersringman21 January 2022
  • Another cute legato wind by Eamon!

    Another great wind instrument by Eamon! Even though I am not familiar with Khlui, i can tell it's a lovely little wind that has a lot to offer, especially with how Eamon treats his instruments.

    Being very similar with his other creations, the highlight on this is the legato feature. It is well programmed and it has tons of options for you to play with, and adjust to your own liking for either performing on it or just in programming. The sound quality is very good, with a short loop that sometimes might be a little more noticeable. I tend to introduce some vibrato to make that go away, while also making it sound a little more natural.

    Beware though, it can get very loud by default so I recommend bringing the volume down a little bit before you play! If you enjoyed it, be sure to check all other winds by Eamon!

    Alex Raptakis25 December 2021
  • These are great but im pretty torn at the same time

    The sound of this little flute is really beautiful and characterful. You can really hear the breath and little variations that make it really nice sounding. As always Eamon offers a-lot of controllability. A lot of effort definitely went into this. The ability to alter different types of vibrato is nice. Some seem to be a natural vibrato while others are a kind of pulsing vibrato plugin type effect, both of which are cool.
    My main problem with Eamons instruments has always been the legato. I always see other commenters talking about how great it is but for some reason it just doesn't work for me. Maybe I'm not really understanding how to tweak it. No matter what i do i still feel like there is an abrupt transition and start and stop happening. I dont want to dissuade anyone from checking this out, i see a-lot of people are loving these instruments. The tone and realism is great but for some reason ive just never figured out how to make the legato work for me.
    On a side note Andy Findon Kit Bag is on sale right now for 59 dollars from spitfire which is the best ethnic woodwind library ive ever heard

    septemberwalk25 December 2021
  • Great traditional bamboo flute

    Love the tonal character and the sampling of this, the right balance of breath/wind and note, which is not always easy to achieve. Well judged and well sampled. Having two dynamic layers is really nice too as are the trills but the icing on the cake is the customisable legato and vibrato - took me a while to get it adjusted as I wanted but once you find the sweat spot it's great.

    Mark Lord27 December 2021