Several sets of a picked, plucked and hit zither.. and some extra's

The story


Found on a flea market years ago, this zither isn’t used much. I never even tuned it. Just the occasional hit it with a stick for the effect.
But now, I dug it up to see if I could a sample bank of it. So I tuned it as good as it would let me and recorded lots and lots of tones.
there are:

Chords: 6 major chords both strummed and hit with a stick. 3 round robins, note no 36-45
pick: all single notes picked with a guitar pick. 4 round robins
stick: all single notes hit with a stick that rattles a little. 2 round robins
Tremolo: all single notes played with inconsistent tremolo. 2 passes made stereo.
there’s a sub octave that can be dialled in.
Pluck: all single notes plucked with my thumb. 3 round robins
Pluck 3 voice: Same as pluck but all 3 voiced together and panned out.

Above sets can be chosen in EXS by mod wheel and by the menu’s in Decent Sampler.

I’ve also recorded some effect sounds to play around with. These can be found at note no 24 to 35.

Chords, Pick and Stick were recorded in stereo with Fathead Ribbon Mics through Audient ASP 008 preamps into my RME FF800. The rest was recorded with modded Studio Projects SP1’s.

On the Decent Sampler I added an ADSR, some reverb and a tone knob for some more sculpting flexibilities. All this but the reverb can be easily recreated in the Logic Pro’s Sampler of course.

I hope you’ll enjoy this Zither. I’m sure I’ll use it more often now!



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  • It's really good and playable

    Characters are clean, nice sound and easy to use.
    And the UI design looks pretty good as well.
    Thank you for making this instrument!

    TAKAINA14 May 2022
  • A Fantastic Zither!

    This instrument is crafted with care, and everything about it is very good. There instrument consists of 3 different zones, with the main one coming with 5 different articulations, and the chord one with 2. The buttons and menus could have been designed a little differently but they work perfectly fine as they are.

    On top of all that goodness you have full ADSR controls, a lovely reverb that matches the character very nicely, a tone/filter knob, and a tremolo "doubler", which introduces an octave lower, as if you were using your other hand.

    A great instrument, highly recommended!

    Alex Raptakis15 May 2022
  • My new favourite zither library?

    A really nicely recorded zither with plenty of flexibility in terms of articulations. All of the melody articulations are very useable, with crisp attack on the notes, and the melody key samples are all well-tuned and lacking any 'dips' in intonation after initial attack which are sometimes present in zither/lyre libraries. The '3 voice' articulation functions as a kind of chorus effect, somewhat replicating the sound typical of zithers with multiple strings per note or extra sympathetic strings. The notes lose a bit of realism in the upper registers, but you shouldn't be playing there if you want realism anyway!

    There are several chord keys which also come in 2 different articulations. A couple of these have some tuning issues, but ultimately these are just a bonus anyway and there's nothing preventing playing chords manually on the regular melody keys. There are also a number of keys assigned to more 'SFX' style sweeps etc., which again are a nice extra which may be useful in certain circumstances.

    Overall a very nice zither and one I expect to be using in the future. Thanks Woodencup!

    Eamon11 May 2022