The story

This is a sampled version of my only really ‘good’ instrument, an Irish Bouzouki made by Melbourne luthier Daniel Hoban. It’s my main instrument and the only one that has accompanied me on several transhemispheric migrations. The Irish Bouzouki has a fairly convoluted origin story, but basically it’s something like a cross between a guitar and a mandolin that has probably re-occupied a niche in folk music that used to be filled by instruments like the cittern (and indeed can basically be considered
a 4-course version of the modern 5-course cittern).

Daniel’s instruments normally have sophisticated astrological names, but since my first cheap ebay bouzouki was aptly named ‘Buzz’, this one was baptised as ‘Woody’. Out of a desire to do Woody justice, I spent several hours sampling it, and many more putting them together (though this basic version only uses around half of the total because I don’t have the skill with Kontakt right now to achieve what I want with the others). I then spent even more hours procrastinating about it not being ‘ready’ enough to release before finally deciding to just get it out there. I’ve already been using it in several projects to save having to do live recording, so I hope it will be similarly useful to others!

This version includes regular picked notes (Keyswitch D0), harmonics (C0) and tremolo (C#0), with 2-4 RRs and Velocity Layers.

Everything is stretched to fill the same range, but be warned the harmonics sound a bit weird in the lower notes since these are derived naturally from an octave above the basic instrument range. The ‘real’ instrument usually has its lowest note at G2, but I drop-tuned to a D2 (the usual low-string on a 5-course instrument) and then further stretched down to G1 to give access to probably as low a range as anybody would ever want/need when writing for this type of instrument.

Irish Bouzouki Demo

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  • Incredible sounds

    I play guitar and bass, and otehr string instruments... and this library sounds amazing!! Realistic, great recording sound and variety... from plucked, to tremolo, to harmonics... Great job!! Thank you very much!

    Alex08 September 2022
  • So much quality and brilliance

    Really liked the instrument. VERY clear and shining. Great job!

    Volodymyr Vivsianyi05 August 2022
  • Expertly Sampled

    I always love discovering new acoustic instruments and this Irish Bouzouki is a real gem. It is perfectly sampled and has lots of round robins and dynamic layers. There are three articulations in total which can be switched via keyswitches. You get normal plucks, harmonics and tremolos. All of these sound fantastic and are a lot of fun to play. I also really like that the playable ranges were extended. So for example you can play very low harmonics which sound pretty cool. Overall this is an excellent library and I recommend checking it out.

    AndromedaX828 September 2022
  • A nice and bright sounding Bouzouki

    This bouzouki library has a nice and bright sound to it. The samples also sound nice both dry and with reverb, which is makes it more versatile! GUI is very simple/basic but that's all it needs to be. The Irish bouzouki is beautiful and resonant folk instrument, this library showcases that very well. Recommend!

    dekoningtanSamplist 31 July 2022
  • Good replacement for recording guitar by yourself

    I was trying to track acoustic guitar, but it turned out to be terrible. This works better.

    Pispalantimbaland03 December 2022
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