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Another holiday-gift picked up by my Mum, this one from the Port Fairy Folk Festival. This is a small ‘pendant’ ocarina, which can be worn around the neck. Like most cheap stall instruments it has a nice sound but less nice intonation, making it more useful for sampling than live playing. This was one of the first instruments I sampled, but went on the backburner while I worked on more ‘exciting’ projects, but since Pianobook still lacked a fully-functional ocarina library I thought it was time to get this one out.
The ocarina is an ancient instrument dating back over 10,000 years. It’s a type of vessel flute, which produces sound from a closed chamber. The sound has a strong fundamental tone and few/subtle overtones, making it close to a ‘pure tone’ sine-wave. This particular instrument has 4 finger-holes which allow it to produce a diatonic octave. I’ve extended the range at top and bottom to 3 octaves to maximise playability, as well as making the instrument fully chromatic. There is customisable legato and vibrato as well as other wind-instrument mechanics accessible via tabs. A polyphonic mode can be accessed by clicking ‘Setup’ instead of ‘Play’ on the articulation tab, though this will unfortunately disable other WIPS effects such as vibrato.
User assumes all responsibility for time-travelling mishaps or windmill incidents.

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  • Well sounding whistle without unnecessary bells and whistles

    Thanks again Eamon

    for a so fine sounding flute instrument here.
    No extra bells and whistles needed here, it's so easy to play and you even can tweak the legato and vibrato.

    Well done.

    thomekk16 May 2022
  • A beautiful and well-done ocarina!

    Eamon has become very good at creating fantastic wind instruments with awesome legato articulations, and this one is no exception. This time it's a little Ocarina, which works amazingly well in all terms. It plays wonderfully well, with 4 round robins and 3 velocity layers, along with tons of other settings such as for adjusting vibrato, legato, glissando and more.

    And all that comes in a super small 27MB size. Incredible!

    Alex Raptakis16 May 2022
  • Finally I can play my favorite Zelda tunes

    I've always wanted to have a nice Ocarina and I think I've finally found it. This Ocarina is really well sampled and has a nice soft tone, I especially like how warm it sounds in the extended lower range. The legato in this library works surprisingly well and it's really fun to play this instrument. You can also get into the settings and change it to your liking. There is also a vibrato control with lots of options, but mostly I just use the default settings because I think it sounds great how it loads up. I definitely recommend to get this unique and very playable wind instrument.

    AndromedaX827 September 2022
  • A great folky instrument

    It's got a lovely sound, very folky and somehow honest. I imagine this going really well as a drone or perhaps as part of a pad, but even as a melodic instrument it packs a punch.

    Nice to see the WIPS script controls, I'll admit that was new to me so I'll be off to take that all for a spin to get even more out of this. Using it in polyphonic mode I am reminded of an old style electric organ.

    Thanks for sampling it!

    Giles M24 May 2022