Columbia 1

Experimental instruments created from objects in, around, and outside the studio...

The story

Columbia 1 is a series of experimental instruments created from objects in, around, and outside the studio. The resulting sound lends itself well to industrial, lo-fi, and musique concréte as the nature of the instruments lend themselves well to warping and manipulation.

The name Columbia comes from the poetic name of the United States. This is a reference to Spitfire’s Albion series of libraries, where Albion is a poetic name for the island of Great Britain.

This is my first venture into sampling after needing a new palette for my second album. At the time of production, I did not want to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of sample libraries only to use two or three presets (likely the same few presets everyone else uses). Additionally, I couldn’t find any library that fit the bill for my needs. The natural conclusion was to begin writing my album and design sounds as I needed. The result was Columbia 1, a tailor-made library providing a dark and gritty selection of instruments for this new album.

The instruments include a selection of metal coffee cans and bowls, sticks, crates and boxes, trash cans, pocket sized synths, a 70’s Sohmer & Co. upright, a Fender Telecaster, and many more.


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  • This deserves to be at the top of Pianobook!

    Firstly there is a tonne of content in this library. Plenty of patches of varying sounds and textures inspired by music concrète. This can act as a great sound design tool but also provide a range of musical patches too, all of which are easily tweakable within the Logic sampler. From percussion to pads and more! Amazing work.

    R.Treves18 October 2021