Hunter’s Ampex Ecosystems

Cinematic guitar patches created with a 1950's Ampex reel-to-reel machine....

The story

My great grandfather passed before I could really say I knew him, but he left behind a 1950’s Ampex reel-to-reel machine than I use often. The tape component hardly functions, but the tube pre has a ferocious, noisy tone when pushed.

I set out to make a collection of cinematic guitar-ecosystems using this preamp’s fussy charm. I also didn’t quite want these patches to resemble guitar playing too closely, so I ended up dangling an EBow from a shoelace above the bridge pickup, scraping the strings with cutlery, and other similar tomfoolery.

Each of the patches includes four signals pannable and mixable via the GUI: two “clean” mic signals bypassing the Ampex 600 and the same two mic signals after being sent in to be dirtied by the Ampex 600. The mics themselves are Slate microphones modeled to emulate the Royer R-121 and the Telefunken 251e. These were placed on a Fender Deluxe VM cab.

Included Patches:
Ash Clouds
Festering Thrums
Serrated Neon


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  • Great GUI, great sound, high qualitied library!

    Many selection of nki files to play with!! Sound is very unique - warm synth sound to cinematic deep pad sounds. I think I will be using this often.

    Asuka Amane20 October 2021
  • Some really unique and cool guitar based sound designs!

    Really organic and inspirational pads, drones, and sound designs here. Hunter's work never disappoints. "Droplets," "Sunspots," and "Iridescence" are stand outs for me. Lots to love about these sounds!

    Sam Ecoff20 October 2021
  • This could easily be a premium instrument

    I found myself playing with this way too much... Bravo! I especially love the Sunspots patch, but I can see the other patches working either alone or together to create incredible soundscapes. Also I need to pinpoint that the GUI has some phenomenal work on it. Everything is fully custom and even the knobs have proper lighting on them. Absolutely incredible job. An easy 5 stars from me. Cheers!

    Alex Raptakis15 October 2021
  • Stunning Sounddesign

    Great selection of moving pads. Especially the sunspots patch! Put some splosh on it and you can loop it forever. It never gets old!

    Stephan Scholz12 October 2021