Synthiemental’s Reviews

  • Drumkit with great potential

    review based on DecentSampler version Great, raw sounding drumkit. The ability to set the amounts of the various mics direct mics and overheads makes this a very flexible, almost pro-level drum source. If you want snappier, shorter drums, just turn down the release rotary to cut off the tail cleanly. I imagine this can be used for many genres, from garage rock to boombap hiphop, basically everything that requires a raw, authentic drum beat In Lorenzo's Drums V2 I would love to see: more fine tuned fades between the velocity layers currently, particularly on the kick it can sound a bit abrupt going from one velocity layer to the next in the current version ability to tune the pitch of the drums at least kick and snare if you can make it fit into the GUI additional rim and sidestick versions of the snare a softer hit variant of the crash

    Lorenzo’s Drums V113 October 2021
  • What more could you expect?

    Love the ability to freely mix the amount of soft, medium and hard samples. Try Soft at 25%, Medium at 75% and Hard at 50% as a starting point. Then use the Release to determine the length, turn it down for more percussive use scenarios or up if you want to use the Vibes as a pad kind of sound, The quality of this sample set is superb, really well recorded.

    Gentle Vibes13 October 2021
  • Authentic Marimba with extra ripples under the sleeve

    This review refers to the DS version of Marimba Ripples I wouldn't know how to practically make good use of the fast and slow "ripples" or rolls, but the single hits articulations sounds and work great for me. I guess the rolls could work in some scenarios, especially in an arpeggiator sort of scenario, but it's hreally ighly dependent on the BPM of the musical piece, since they cannot be tempo synched. Interesting, don't know whether it's intended: some octaves are tilted in pan towards the left, while other note ranges are tilted to the right. It adds to the stereo / roomy feel of the instrument, but might cause issues during mixing when trying to place the sound to either one of the sides. The built in reverb has a pleasant medium room sound.

    Marimba Ripples20 October 2021
  • Don't sleep on this hidden gem!

    DS version reviewed This comes packed with a multitude of articulations. The instrument itself sounds can approximately described as somewhere between a traditional Kalimba and a Vibraphone with a warm and pleasant overall characteristic. It comes with lots of resonance - the good type of resonance - adding to the unique character. When playing chords - probably not possible on the real thing? - the sound becomes slightly reminiscent of electromechanical pianos like the Fender Rhodes, thus effects like phasers and flangers can work well. Attack and release controls allow to adapt the sound to each use case, which is crucial.

    Array M’bira20 October 2021
  • Wealth of articulations

    I particularly like the muted articulations to play funk style rhythmic patterns on top of chords. For more of a lead type guitar the two variants old strings vs new strings deliver a wealth of possible tones. Couple this with a spring reverb and you have an instant retro tone. The GUI is basic, but serves it's purpose. P.S. Would love to see a electric bass equivalent to this great library!

    RJS Guitar13 October 2021