Synthiemental’s Reviews

  • Best Sax

    Very playable, the 3 mic positions allow for tuning in a perfect blended sound. This is the best brass / winds instrument here on Pianobook.

    Tenor Saxophone03 June 2022
  • Very playable Pianet electric piano

    The recording quality of the individual sample layers is superb. The ability to vary the amounts of the direct, dynamic mic amped and condenser mic signal make this a very versatile electric piano library. The modifiable mechanical noise adds to the authentic sound character. The dynamic mic in particulary adds a nice crunch. The default preset is a perfect starting point with the accurate amount of release.

    Anne-Marie the Hohner T14 December 2021
  • Sampled with genuine intentions

    I tried dozens of Pianobook entries, but this one definitely belongs to the top 10% tier of what can be found on this site. The tone is perfect and so is the playability. Enough layers and round robins for realistic performances. One can sense the extra effort the author made in memory of his musical mentor.

    Sol’s Piano07 January 2022
  • Wealth of articulations

    I particularly like the muted articulations to play funk style rhythmic patterns on top of chords. For more of a lead type guitar the two variants old strings vs new strings deliver a wealth of possible tones. Couple this with a spring reverb and you have an instant retro tone. The GUI is basic, but serves it's purpose. P.S. Would love to see a electric bass equivalent to this great library!

    RJS Guitar14 January 2022
  • A true gem

    Usable brass solo instruments are hard to find. This is not only free, but it sounds superb. Playing this library I will have to say that the Flugelhorn is a vastly underrated instrument. I actually like the timbre of the Flugelhorn more than the trumpet and trombone.

    Combine this library with other brass solo instruments, like the 1956 Tenor Horn that can also be found on Pianobook and create your own small brass ensemble in the box.

    Hopefully we will see a version 2.0 with additional articulations. A lot could be achieved with an additional staccato type short articulation at hand.

    Dusty Flugelhorn12 January 2022