The story

RJS Guitar is a sampled stratocaster.

My aim was to create a playable and expressive instrument.


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– Long notes with vibrato
– Palm muted notes
– Dead notes
– Feedback
(- Playing noise)

– Old strings
– New strings
– HiGain amp
– Dry sounds (for re-amping)

Decent Sampler version:
– Separate patches for articulations
– No strumming keys
– Dry sounds only

Reviews for RJS Guitar

  • Sound
  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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    Man, This Strat sounds so amazing. I have been looking for something that sounds great for R&B and Pop. This has helped my production a lot. Thanks again for such a great-sounding sampled instrument

    PaintingMoments09 October 2022
  • Works great in the mix

    Inadvertently fooled a really good guitar player/friend. He was wondering who played the solo part on my new song. I told him it is all about 'mic placement' and then I fessed up.

    blue_green_sparks28 April 2022
  • Awesome!

    Very cool, sound great when played softly and loud with distortion, definitely putting this on some kind of must-have list!

    plosika25 December 2021
  • Amazing

    Very good!! Save me a lot of time

    jose david riveros28 April 2024
  • people thought it was a live instrument

    I have been looking for a god electric guitar sample for ages and this one did for me, good work

    Fuzzfilm16 September 2022
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