Ai Means Love.’s Reviews

  • sweet and lovely

    i've added this sound into projects both as powerfully sweeping chords and as minimal layering additions to a melody-- its versatility and range is easily one of the most enticing aspects of the instrument for me! recording quality is excellent, tone is soothing and smooth, and its extremely playable action/trigger setup makes it effortless to involve in a piece.

    a must-grab, no question! :o

    Frozen Glock29 June 2022
  • warm goodness

    the tone of this piano is quite unique for me, pure and rounded yet rough around the edges in a way that feels charming and unobtrusive. it's definitely more texturally unique than other felted pianos out there-- anybody working in a cozy and primarily acoustic soundscape should heavily consider its involvement! that said, i felt that the interface should feature more customizable parameters, like envelope control, in order to refine the sound more carefully for use in a project. I found myself unable to slip it into certain contexts without manually shortening the decay/release of the samples in kontakt beforehand (which could be a little too much effort for some people when other options are more readily available!).

    this is the first review i've written, and it simply had to be here on this pianobook gem! :) highly recommend this inspiring instrument as it's motivated me towards so many projects!

    Mikor Piano Felt29 June 2022