Mikor Piano Felt

Small Burger&Jacobi Piano with felt

The story

I am in love with my czech piano, especially with felt pedal engaged. I miced it up with a couple of trusty akg414 from the nineties and isa preamps.

Reviews for Mikor Piano Felt

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  • This became my default piano

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the sound of this piano. The sample quality is pristine crystal clear, and it has a lovely warm tone to it. Damn it's just good. The instrument utilizes the Pianobook Piano template for the GUI and controls, and it works just great. I have to mention that the Release triggers and the Pedal sounds are very quiet. I initially thought there were no sounds there, but there exist, but they are very subtle, which I enjoy.

    For such a small size, this is a clear winner to me. Instant recommendation!

    Alex Raptakis24 January 2022
  • I can almost smell the timber

    I love it too :)
    A cosy, in-the-room-with-you sound!

    Brendan BeeBee19 January 2022
  • Nice piano

    Beautiful, clean piano. I particularly enjoy playing in the higher registers with plenty reverb.

    Synchrotones01 May 2022