Steinway Pads

Pads created from the Kristiansand Steinway samples....

The story

Ten pads created from Pete Malkin’s Kristiansand Concert Steinway Piano samples.

Reverbs, delays, Pitching up and down and glitchy tremolos were involved to create these samples.

Two main textures: Smooth and Granular, available in three different pitches (-12, 0 and +12 semitones). At the end, nine different combinaisons for all your Piano Pad needs.

There is also this quick experimentation: Falloff Pad. It begins one semitone up and slowly falls down to the desired note, then dies. Perfect for dystopian tales.

Every patch is highly modwheel sensitive.


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  • The different face of a Steinway!

    This is a lovely piano pad, and you can definitely feel the piano behind the ambience. It's not overprocessed to the point you can't tell. I found that the pitch-bend working really well on this one, you need to try it out! Unfortunately there are no options to mess with, other than a Reverb and a Harmony setting, which I couldn't figure out what it does. I'd love to have an ADSR option, but this is not the case.

    Alex Raptakis14 October 2021
  • Cathedral feel to these organ like pads

    Beautifully sampled and treated creating a fantastically interesting and diverse set of 10 different pads. These really sing like a church organ.

    Boag112 October 2021