The story

I listened the different sounds provided by LABS and Afrorack and isolated some very short elements. Then, a LOT of stretching, resampling and effects were involved to mutate these tiny bits. Progressively, a common feeling starts to emerge from these over processed sounds.

This is how Corrosion was born: a collection of pads with a sense of post-apocalyptic and melancholy.

At the end, 7 different signals presented in a DecentSampler instrument. You can change the volume and pan of each signal, global volume is by default linked to CC11.
I kept the CC1 free for custom setups, e.g. you can assign the mod wheel to an individual volume slider to create some variation over time, I created some presets using that technique.


Reviews for Corrosion

  • Sound
  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • Perfect ambient and sound

    Reminds me a lot of the Metroid Prime ost, it is really cool.
    The sounds are clean and have a lot of character. It is pretty well-done

    Pablo15 June 2022
  • Just brilliant!

    Love this also. Downloaded most of your sample packs and had great fun with this. Once again, thank you so much for creating and sharing your work.

    Bullitt Volante03 July 2022
  • Excellent stuff from Fred

    Wonderful soundscape-y noises to add depth and edge to compositions. Lots of creative options allow you to hone in on the right sound and blend between the layers. Lovely stuff!

    johnparttimer15 June 2022
  • An extraordinary bundle of layered sounds!

    This is an incredible ambience machine that features 7 different layers of sounds that can be mixed and paned in any way the user wants. Each layer is simply mezmerizing, characterized by a vaguely synthetic and textured ambience. Everything is presented in a fantastic GUI that includes depth effects and full ADSR settings, which is tops off the very high quality of the entire instrument.

    Inside you will also find 8 extra presets, with the incredible idea of minding some layers to the ModWheel in order to create a dynamic instrument that evolves in a very unique way.

    What a submission by Fred!

    Alex Raptakis26 June 2022
  • Bigger is Better

    Love the size of the GUI here. Makes things so much easier to see and manipulate. Logical in its layout. Agree that the volume is low and needed adjustment. Plenty of character once you start playing with the individual levels, and ADSR (and came up quickly with my own presets). Noticed that the included presets were scattered across the preset folder were as others are grouped together. It may be my DAW, but not seen with other instruments.
    It went straight into a track I'm working on.

    Bemused15 June 2022
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