The story

This saw is a sharp and dangerous tool to make holes in wood. But it also has a very musical ringing sound when you hit it. So I decided to sample it: I recorded it in mono with an EV-RE320, 5 dynamic layers and 4 round robins.
On the lowest dynamic layers, I used a low pass filter to cut the high frequencies: it creates a softer tone when you play quietly, and adds to the overall playability.
I also made a pad with some of the recordings, the goal was to expend the stereo field. Samples were stretched, reversed and panned, and processed with Valhalla Supermassive reverbs and Eventide Quadravox.

Kontakt 6 required, DecentSampler version coming soon!


Reviews for Hole Saw

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  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
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  • Exquisite

    This instrument has inspired me so much!
    The sound is absolutely superb. The round robins beautifully integrated. It has exactly that percussive sensitivity. Playability is so enjoyable.
    The Pad just on its own sounds spacey and dreamy, and in a combination with the Hits signal works great.
    A little tip for a wee trick: stretch it to -36 and you get a very interesting version of metal timpani.
    Fred, kudos! Beautiful work. And thank you.

  • Simple and clean

    Who would have thought a DIY tool could sound so lovely?! Not me. The pitched samples make for a surprisingly playable instrument, sounds like something between a glock and a music box with a shade of a clock chime thrown in. Personally I like the higher range for musicality, perhaps the lower range for sound design. I'll definitely try this for some added tinkle on top of a composition. Thank you and great sampling.

    Giles M11 April 2022
  • A wholesome mallet!

    Having such an aggressive title and wallpaper might might be very misleading for the character of this instrument, because it's exactly the opposite to such aggression. This insturment is a very mellow mallet with incredible dynamics and a very whimsical sound I'd say. It is accompanied by a pad that has a fully controllable volume, along with a beautiful reverb. The sampling is amazing and it's something definitely worth checking out!

    Alex Raptakis21 March 2022