The story

Coursemate James Blundsdon sampled the harpsichord in one of the practice rooms at Leeds College of Music. I then morphed those awesome samples through various distortions, reverbs and other effects inspired by Hildur’s incredible work on such films as Joker and Chernobyl. This created a dark, evolving, heavily textural patch; fondly called Hildur’s Harpsichord.

Now housed in a brand new Kontakt Instrument. Enjoy!




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  • Dirty Harpsichord

    This is excellent. Given some extra lo-fi dirt and distortion these samples are a pleasure to play.. Nice one!

    Gideon Wolf13 October 2021
  • Incredible and unique sound!

    One of the most unique sound on Pianobook. Creepy, dark and haunting, I used this sound on several projects, it worked every time! Bravo.

    Fred PoirierSamplist 16 October 2021
  • Beware handle with care

    Agreeing with the other reviews, this one requires some caution when using. It can easily overpower and take the spotlight, but sometimes that what I want. The noise layer knob was a smart feature and works really well blending between to find the sound you want or building tension. But after getting the hang of this instrument, it is a blast to play with! Using my midi controller to the automate the mod wheel, reverb, and noise layer.. superb. This works great for a nice long and low drone sound constantly evolving. But I found that it works well for melody too, especially for impacts, maybe for chase or fight scenes. The only issue I have is the release. There is a release knob that works, but I was expending a long decay. When using it in the background it can be abrupt when it stops and restarts a note. Easy fixes for me, but a longer tail release could make it more user-friendly.

    Ada MaskilSamplist 07 November 2021
  • Eerie tones

    Its pretty cool that this is sourced from a harpsichord as it sounds nothing like it. What you get are kind of scratchy dissonant textures which would be perfect in any kind of horror or drama. I also think they could work in a beautiful context as well because they're not too dissonant. They are pretty in your face soothes might not be useful in every context but theyre definitely interesting and unique. You could always use reverb and eq to place it more in the background of the mix

    septemberwalk13 November 2021
  • Huge, inspiring, surprising textures

    Really enjoying the possibilities of this. The sound is massive, epic, and the evolutions are great. One issue I do have is that with the Noise knob turned up full the default, and where you get the best value out of the whole thing there is a problematic "click" on the release. Would be great if there could be a fix for this.

    Solfegiste14 October 2021
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