Hildur’s Harpsichord

A highly-morphed harpsichord texture recorded at Leeds College of Music....

The story

Coursemate James Blundsdon sampled the harpsichord in one of the practice rooms at Leeds College of Music. I then morphed those awesome samples through various distortions, reverbs and other effects inspired by Hildur’s incredible work on such films as Joker and Chernobyl. This created a dark, evolving, heavily textural patch; fondly called Hildur’s Harpsichord. Enjoy!



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  • Incredible and unique sound!

    One of the most unique sound on Pianobook. Creepy, dark and haunting, I used this sound on several projects, it worked every time! Bravo.

    Fred Poirier16 October 2021
  • Huge, inspiring, surprising textures

    Really enjoying the possibilities of this. The sound is massive, epic, and the evolutions are great. One issue I do have is that with the Noise knob turned up full the default, and where you get the best value out of the whole thing there is a problematic "click" on the release. Would be great if there could be a fix for this.

    Solfegiste14 October 2021
  • Dirty Harpsichord

    This is excellent. Given some extra lo-fi dirt and distortion these samples are a pleasure to play.. Nice one!

    Gideon Wolf13 October 2021