The story

Three pad instruments created from the “Family Piano” by Stephen Tallamy.

The starting point of these instruments is Christian’s video « How To Make Your Own Pads (with Pianos) » and more especially the pinned comment about Michael Norris Soundmagic Spectral plugins. I lost almost one day playing around with the Spectral Drone Maker, so I decided to make it useful by creating some Pads.

Different sonic tortures was applied to Stephen’s superb instrument, including spectral stretching, spectral blurring, reverbs and delays, pitching up and down.

At the end, three quite different pads with subtle evolutions in it.

Reviews for Family Piano Pads

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  • Just beautiful. Very easy to blend with any instrument

    Just beautiful. This will be my another favorite pads going forward. I really like all the library from Fred, such a talent!

    Asuka Amane19 October 2021
  • Awesome Post Rock Pads

    Im really into Post Rock music and right when i heard these pads i thought they would be perfect for that style. Theyre characterful, emotional and lush but also have a bit of grit to them sometimes. I think its a perfect balance. Theyre evolving and interesting, even sometimes sounding like theres some guitar in there. Theres also no white noise which i actually sometimes like in pads but im glad theres none here. You can always add some noise onto of a pad but its alot harder to take it away. This is such a quality instrument and stands out to me even though we have a million beautiful ambient pads on pianobook.

    septemberwalk15 November 2021
  • Exceptionally made, multi faceted pad sound

    Really pro sounding pad sound. Lovely attention to detail in the GUI offering varying amounts of pad timbres. It just sounds so good. Sometimes like a voice, sometimes like strings, sometimes like brass... I love it.

    Boag111 October 2021
  • Perhaps the ultimate Pad designer!

    This is why I follow Fred! Awesome, inspiring sounds! I really love that Fred took someone else's samples and crafted them into something new, wonderful, and perhaps even better than the originals. I love how there are three different pads here, each with individual and unique characteristics. I mapped the volume of each to three different MIDI controllers and changed them while playing. Super wonderful evolving inspiration followed immediately. Stop reading my review and start downloading this awesome sample library!!!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 29 October 2021
  • Simply beautiful, x3!

    Not one, not two, but three different pads to blend in and create your very own piano pad soundscape! They are also slightly textured which feels really nice. The sampling is also fantastic, so you won't find any audible noise at all. The instrument plays very well and you will find all the options you need really. There is no chance you'll be disappointed!

    Alex Raptakis02 November 2021
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