Electric Sparkles

A Fender Electric Celeste that sparkles

The story

Some people call them thrums, some people call them swarms. But with this little beauty I prefer “Sparkles”.

My ultra rare Fender Electric Celeste playing multiple notes aleatoriocally. So for slow sparkles keep the mod wheel down, for fast bring it up.

I also put it through my brand spanking new Strymon Starlab for even more (and slightly granular) Sparkles.

When this pack really comes into it’s own is when you tune it down one or even two octaves.

As always, great with splosh. Much love. CH x


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  • Sparkly glittery awesomeness!

    Even though I have used this for just a few minutes, I can safely say this immediately became one of my favourite instruments by Christian! I consider this to be simply perfect, and I absolutely love it.

    The sound is spectacular and full of character. The sampling is amazing and the programming is awesome. It plays amazingly well, and there are lots of customization options too through the awesome GUI. AND let me tell you that there is also the modwheel! It's not indicated anywhere but be sure to play around with it. Definitely worth it!

    A very awesome and wholesome Christmas gift. Thank you Christian!

    Alex Raptakis25 December 2021
  • So much fun

    Beautiful tool with loads of potential. You need to get out of the way of the instrument a little bit which seems to inspire new and different ideas. Gorgeous sound quality and a really fun instrument to play.

    JTN04 January 2022
  • Pretty and sparkly

    This is pretty. Perfect as a sound design / ambient sort of thing, but I'm definitely going to try it in compositions where I need just a little extra.. sparkle! I particularly like the chaos introduced by the grain effects, it's handy having them in the instrument rather than going to a plugin, and the way everything's controllable just adds to the flexibility. Great work and thanks, Christian.

    Giles M11 April 2022
  • Unique and sweet

    Very nice tool for chord scaping! It's kinda quiet so you need to tweak it loud and it is also maybe a bit muffled, but a very nice instrument indeed just to jam for hours. But why can't I midi map those knobs?

    Pispalantimbaland25 December 2021
  • Quantum Morse Code Entanglement Generator

    I'll be honest, I'm not normally a fan of Aleotoric "stuff" - but I really like this. There's a number of things that make it just "work" for me; both the "Grain" signals from the Strymon are excellent and help glue everything together, along with some Spolsh of course. But what I really, really like is that there's enough "note" at the start of each sample that you can still play a "tune" and bring a little order to the quantum entanglement that follows. For me the "fasts" can be a little distractingly fast, so my favourite way of playing it is to pitch it down an octave in Kontakt and then use the mod-wheel to constantly change between slow and fast sets. A super rare instrument, sampled in a really creative manner, done with lots of love and attention... sounds like PianoBook to me. Top drawer.

    Mark Lord29 December 2021
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