Tape Delay Experiment

Christian's Schimmel run through a multitude of effects....

The story

What happens when you run a Schimmel piano through a Portastudio, an Echo Fix Tape Echo and an Oto BAM? With some clever maths to line up delay times when shifting pitch, Christian and the team created this inspiring set of samples. Find out more in the video below.




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  • Gentle and warm, such a beautiful pad

    What a beautiful sound! I really like tape delay effect, and especially for this sound it brings up such a warm and tender atmosphere. It is nice to play and you can play with the sound for a long time!

    Asuka Amane21 October 2021
  • How to tape delay 101...

    Cleverly programmed and recorded. The result is a brilliant sounding tape delayed piano. This is a really inspiring instrument to play around with and can provide wonderful textural sounds to a mix but can also be the main feature as it sounds simply amazing!

    R.Treves20 October 2021
  • Instant wobble

    I have a habit of sticking a lot of sounds through tape emulators but this saves me the bother.

    Jim Sanger15 October 2021
  • Amazing atmosphere, with some control problems

    This instrument has trully some big potential. While the range is much smaller than a full piano, it performs very well and the quality is quite good. To my very big surprise, I didn't expect to see a different GUI from Christian, but oh well, this one is perfect! Inside you will find a bunch of customization sliders and knobs to tweak it as much as you want. Sadly you can't control the delay timing, and it is also not synced, but applied individually, which can create a mess if you play faster or out of tempo. BUG REPORT: If you try to bind the first two sliders on any CC, it fails and reads it as if you wanted to bind the knob closer to where you click.

    Alex Raptakis15 October 2021
  • Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Goodness

    I tried out Christian's Tape Delay Experiments library and a whole demo track just kind of fell out of me as soon as I played the first chord - very inspirational! I really liked the imprecise nature of the delays, loops and noise, so I played everything loosely without a click or quantise in order that all the delays were randomly out of sync and this helped to create a wonderfully chaotic sounds that contrasted nicely with the simple chords and melodies.

    Stephen Caulfield13 October 2021
  • Dropping from the sky

    I found this to be inspirational right from the first note. Like rain drops hitting the roof and ground with all those little nuanced flavours in-between this instrument makes me want to stop and enjoy for just a little longer.

    red1313 October 2021
  • Grey leaves and sunshine in the mist.

    Evocative bottom end with shards of daylight in the tops.

    Risome13 October 2021
  • A Hovis Advert of a thing

    Warm, reassuring, evocative piano instrument. Brings a mist to every window it looks out of. Wonderful!

    Consterdine12 October 2021