Family Grand

A family grand piano recorded in stereo and binaural formats

The story

My family grand piano has gone slight out of tune throughout lockdown, which has created a wonderful warm texture. I wanted to capture the sense of being at home and so I hired a Neumann KU 100 binaural stereo microphone to whether binaural recordings make a difference. The results were mind-blowing. As well as the KU 100, I sampled the piano with a pair of Neumann 149s and you can choose between these signals depending on your needs. Using a cut-down version of the monolith sampling technique, the Family Grand is available in Kontakt, SFZ and DecentSampler format.

Video about the library:

Find out more about my experiments with binaural audio in this video:

Reviews for Family Grand

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  • best grand piano

    If you use this you don't need to buy a grand piano vst

    gopinathsrieexam12 October 2021
  • Warm and loving textured piano... so beautiful

    I have fell in love with the warm sound of this piano. Such an intimate and loving sound. I would love to make music with this library very soon!!

    Asuka Amane21 October 2021
  • FUN

    Great Stuff... This has a real nice a homie vibe! Not anythjing like most others will peddle on you. (:
    Just Download it and try it! I did and I have been jamming like crazy and I have a new song to record! WELL DONE!!!!!

    mikevastin17 February 2022
  • Instrument and space in perfect harmony

    Doesn't matter how expensive your studio monitors are, play music through them in a poor room - or in a room not suited to them - and they'll sound awful. It's the same with musical instruments. In order to shine they need the right acoustic space around them. In this recording then, I feel we have the perfect marriage of instrument and space. A beautiful tone, not too bright, not too wooly, plenty of dynamics without being "crash bang" loud or "note didn't sound" soft... BUT, try something for me because I thought I was going mad but I'm sure I'm not... I listened to the default mix through speakers and I though "lovely". Then I clocked it was Binaural so I reached for the headphones and played just the Binaural signal - amazing sense of space but I felt it was missing some warmth from the stereo mics so I turned the stereo mix back up and something very odd happened - the panning of notes seemed to dance all over the place. Is L and R swapped in the stereo signal compared to the Binaural? To test I brought up another Kontakt and armed both channels - stereo from one but with LR swapped and Binaural in the other... and there it was... perfection! I'm sure I'm not going mad - am I? Other than that, complete corker.

    Mark Lord27 December 2021
  • An excellent standard piano

    It's such neat thing to experience the sound of a binaural stereo microphone. Aside from the microphone, this piano has a great sound is easily one of my top favorite pianos, aimed for classical use. The tone is very nice and the recording is excellent as alway, but I think the strength of this instrument is in the few different presets. The piano has a very standard sound in my humble opinion which is great for classical piano/practice, but that makes it great for hearing the different the binaural mic brings. I watched Christian's video a while back, and it is awesome to have access to the piano and switch between the different mics for hearing exercise. I have to say, when I played with the binaural mic preset, I had to double check that sound was coming through my headphones, the space feels so real. My only nitpick is that the GUI is pretty minimal, but I think that is the nature of this instrument. A straightforward piano with a nice sound, experience it with different types of mics.

    Ada Maskil09 November 2021
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