Family Grand

A family grand piano recorded in stereo and binaural formats...

The story

My family grand piano has gone slight out of tune throughout lockdown, which has created a wonderful warm texture. I wanted to capture the sense of being at home and so I hired a Neumann KU 100 binaural stereo microphone to whether binaural recordings make a difference. The results were mind-blowing. As well as the KU 100, I sampled the piano with a pair of Neumann 149s and you can choose between these signals depending on your needs. Using a cut-down version of the monolith sampling technique, the Family Grand is available in Kontakt, SFZ and DecentSampler format.

Video about the library:

Find out more about my experiments with binaural audio in this video:

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  • best grand piano

    If you use this you don't need to buy a grand piano vst

    gopinathsrieexam12 October 2021
  • Warm and loving textured piano... so beautiful

    I have fell in love with the warm sound of this piano. Such an intimate and loving sound. I would love to make music with this library very soon!!

    Asuka Amane21 October 2021
  • Instrument and space in perfect harmony

    Doesn't matter how expensive your studio monitors are, play music through them in a poor room - or in a room not suited to them - and they'll sound awful. It's the same with musical instruments. In order to shine they need the right acoustic space around them. In this recording then, I feel we have the perfect marriage of instrument and space. A beautiful tone, not too bright, not too wooly, plenty of dynamics without being "crash bang" loud or "note didn't sound" soft... BUT, try something for me because I thought I was going mad but I'm sure I'm not... I listened to the default mix through speakers and I though "lovely". Then I clocked it was Binaural so I reached for the headphones and played just the Binaural signal - amazing sense of space but I felt it was missing some warmth from the stereo mics so I turned the stereo mix back up and something very odd happened - the panning of notes seemed to dance all over the place. Is L and R swapped in the stereo signal compared to the Binaural? To test I brought up another Kontakt and armed both channels - stereo from one but with LR swapped and Binaural in the other... and there it was... perfection! I'm sure I'm not going mad - am I? Other than that, complete corker.

    Mark Lord27 December 2021
  • An excellent standard piano

    It's such neat thing to experience the sound of a binaural stereo microphone. Aside from the microphone, this piano has a great sound is easily one of my top favorite pianos, aimed for classical use. The tone is very nice and the recording is excellent as alway, but I think the strength of this instrument is in the few different presets. The piano has a very standard sound in my humble opinion which is great for classical piano/practice, but that makes it great for hearing the different the binaural mic brings. I watched Christian's video a while back, and it is awesome to have access to the piano and switch between the different mics for hearing exercise. I have to say, when I played with the binaural mic preset, I had to double check that sound was coming through my headphones, the space feels so real. My only nitpick is that the GUI is pretty minimal, but I think that is the nature of this instrument. A straightforward piano with a nice sound, experience it with different types of mics.

    Ada Maskil09 November 2021
  • Grand with Depth

    The binaural recording process really lends depth to the rosy tones of this intricately sampled piano. the dynamic response is excellent, although the tails of each note seem somehow slightly unnatural. One can hear that this piano is well maintained, but also speaks of a certain age, elegance, and depth that make it a joy to play. This stately piano also exists in a room that has a pleasant reverberance which only adds to the experience of playing. The sombre tonality coupled with the warmth of the slight detuning and tube mics transport you to Christian's family room. It makes you want to stay for a glass of bourbon and a fireside chat.

    Sam Ecoff08 November 2021
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