The Gimp

A doomed John Broadwood upright piano recorded in Castlesound Studios....

The story

A John Broadwood upright from an age long past.

Originally made in Glasgow, we acquired it in Edinburgh.  Unloved, ill treated, and damaged beyond all repair, we did what any good musicians would do… and locked it up in a dusty old garage!

Once we felt it was ready, we released it from it’s cage and transported it to Castlesound Studios.  Here we pampered it with a glorious array of mics (U67’s, DPA 4006’s and an R88) and recorded a final, glorious swan song in sample form to forever immortalize a piano that was doomed from the moment we set our eyes upon it.

This is: The Gimp.


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  • A piano with personality

    This piano is very different from the standard pianos with a very unique sound and three microphones preset that allow you to fully customize the sound. Evry mic combination is capable to underline different characteristics of the piano. The overall sound is magnifically recorded, capturing every single detail, ambience and tuning. It's superbly balanced, with a gentle mid-range slope that makes the piano sits nicely in the mix.

    Julian Doe12 October 2021