Tracked Piano

Christian's piano sampled as a "lead vocal"....

The story

A few weeks back Christian tried to record his piano with a cheap mic, only problem, it was a bit on the fritz, so in this episode he returned but decided to expand on his idea of recording a piano like you would a lead vocal. Did it work? We’ll find out in the film and these two (ahem) attempts at budget miking pianos like you would a boyband.



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  • Another great piano library on PB!

    With the DS version you will have three choices and the one with velocity sensitive has a soft and nice texture which I really like. Sound quality is great and it will add a great selection to the piano sound!

    Asuka Amane21 October 2021
  • Incredible sampling job

    This is one of the fewest piano libraries I've checked here that have absolutely no noise whatsoever inside the samples. Absolutely incredible job done there. The character of the piano is magnificent, more on the romantic, soothing side of things. If you use the Filter knob a little bit, you might get a true felt-piano like sound, which I personally love. There is also a reverb knob that is always good to have. This would be a 5-star if it had more dynamics, but right now it sits very flat at a medium level. Nevertheless, fantastic work by both Christian and Angus!

    Alex Raptakis20 October 2021