Warty Dulcitone

A keyboard instrument that strikes tuning forks in warty condition

The story

A Dulcitone is a small spinnet sized keyboard instrument that strikes tuning forks.

Invented in Glasgow the Dulcitone provided was the inspiration for the electric fender Rhodes!

I’d say it sounds halfway between a Celeste and a music box. Or even an imaginary “Baritone Music Box”.

That is when they’re in good shape which this one certainly isn’t!

This was my first ever bid on an auction on eBay. I’d asked my PA if she could enquire if the seller would accept a direct offer but the seller declined citing increased interest. So I eagerly took part in the auction and pipped someone who was clearly really gunning for it in the last 3 seconds. But then my phone pinged, it was my PA, the message read “sorry I didn’t manage to get you the Dulcitone I was outbid”. Y’up by me. So I ended up paying about 1,000 quid more than I needed to because I was in a head to head battle with someone bidding on my behalf.

I’ve provided two instruments one standard warts and sampled chromatically with three round robins. But then I went into the Kontakt mapping editor to delete the really offensive notes for a “doctored version” which I think has a curious junky appeal.


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  • Yes!!!

    Oh this is just my favorite kind of sample instrument. Such a close sweet celest-y tone. Recorded in a way that puts you right next to the instrument, and gives all of the cool textures that make playing around with instantly rewarding. Also really funny story.

    ryan weeks02 February 2022
  • Inspiration for days

    Just downloaded this library but I can see myself using it very often n my compositions.

    Nice work as alway!

    hiacrecordings07 February 2022
  • PRO thing

    Nothing special to say. This is a pro thing. It has a specific sound, you don't need every day, but it is always useful to have it.

    leJeanvonM10 February 2022
  • Beautifully Broken

    This is a really awesome little broken instrument. Celeste like in many ways, but more mechanical in the sounds of woody case. It is a nice touch to include a doctored version for those who want something a little bit more tamed, but the "undoctored" version is my favourite.

    Beautifully and intimately sampled it responds well to loads of different treatments, from saturation to delays and reverbs and of course verbs and delays are built in.

    Inherently playable and loads of fun.

    My only gripe is that if you're going to have a "splash" knob and a "splosh" knob, you really need a "splish" as well :)

    Would download again.

    Simon Rigby10 February 2022
  • Loved it!

    Very inspiring and beautiful color. only wish is that there was more ability to tweak

    bencbabcock0114 February 2022
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