Claustrophobic Piano

As close as you can get to being inside a Schimmel piano

The story

Ever since recording the LABS Soft Piano some 14 years ago I have always thought “can we go further” make an EVEN more intimate and touching piano.

It’s taken many goes over these last 14 years and my trusty Schimmel has to have become one of the most sampled pianos in sampling history but…. I settled on a pair of Neumann M149s and a KU100 binaural “dummy head” mic, all jammed right into the sound box of the piano THEN… A duvet over the back of them to keep them in the piano and not feel like you were in the room at all.

Then I summed them through one of the ugliest bits of tech I have ever lay my eyes on. Find out more in the youtube video I made about it. How did it work out? Well why don’t you download and see for yourself (Remember binaural recordings always better played on headphones!). Enjoy. CH.

Reviews for Claustrophobic Piano

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  • Soft and Lovely

    I love the close and intimate sound. I can almost smell the wood!

    Joshua Meltzer11 August 2021
  • Yes.

    Simply breathtaking free instruments for teen sods like me with a potato setup and a 12 year old keyboard

    mute_theory08 June 2022
  • Such a warm Character

    This is an amazing piano that didn't blow me away on first listen but im slowly starting to like it more and more. Its very intimate, warm and characterful. The GUI is amazing with mic blending options, release triggers and fx. Also, even though its a felt piano maybe its only lightly felted? im not sure but to me it resembles a normal piano more than a felt which i actually really like because i usually find non felt libraries too bright and lacking in character. Im gonna use this one soon and see i how feel about it next to fracture sounds woodchester piano which is a paid library but is currently my favorite piano library ive ever played

    septemberwalk07 November 2021
  • Intensely Intimate

    Perfect name for the sound! This is actually a perfect instrument for me, I love the close sound. My initial setup/change to any of the presets widely different from each other, is to bring the hammer/RT knob down a bit and bring the FX1/Space up. I think this is perfect for emotional cinematic music, but I think could be super cool mixing it with indie rock or electronic.

    Ada Maskil28 October 2021
  • Warm. Intimate. Soft. Cosy. I'm running out of adjectives here...

    This is one of the best recordings of Christian's Schimmel. Which I feel like I say every time I review it. But the intimate sound you get from this iteration makes for some truly beautiful piano sounds. The M149 Mix is my personal favourite and just gives it a real colour. Lovely stuff!

    R.Treves21 October 2021
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