The King’s Upright

A soft upright piano that cuts through a mix while maintaining a gentle tone palette...

The story

Welcome to The King’s Upright, a soft upright piano that cuts through a mix while maintaining a gentle tone palette.

It particularly thrives in the upper mid-range, serving well to deliver lyrical melodies to your pieces, solo or cinematic. There is also a pad layer included, which works well as an infinite sustain pedal. This blend can be adjusted using the Mod Wheel.

This instrument was recorded through a stereo pair of close-miked AKG C214s and Saffire Pro 40 interface, using Christian Henson’s medium-strength sampling template. The library has two dynamic layers (layer 1 and 2) and three round robins (RR1, RR2 etc). There are also some release triggers (RT) and pedal sounds (PU – pedal up, PD – pedal down). The custom pad sound blend can be adjusted using the mod wheel or you can right-click the blend knob to learn via whichever MIDI CC you like.

To learn more about the library, watch my walkthrough here:




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  • Intimate and lovely

    I'm really a fan of this intimate yet expressive piano sound. It's so interesting how different pianos can spark different types of play-styles. This one just makes me want to write romantic stuff.

    Soundthrills18 October 2021
  • A memory

    This piano reminds me of going over to my cousins house for dinner with my parents when I was younger and banging away on their piano, as we did not have one at home. It has a great warm sound like my cousins upright, with the lovely addition of a soft pad if one pleases. My only complaint, which I believe another person already mentioned, is that on the decent sampler version, which is the only one I have, the loudest velocity layer is a little harsh for my taste. Looking past that, it is a truly outstanding sounding piano.

    Forrest Love15 October 2021
  • Piano at home..

    Very simple and at home texture of piano library. The sound reminds me of my upright at my parents place...

    Asuka Amane15 October 2021
  • A pad saves the day

    This is not your everyday piano. At first it may look like one, but it's not. Because PADS! This is a fantastic idea that actually saves the day. This piano has a very strong and definite character, and the pad addition makes it even better. It surprises me that there are no other well-known instruments like this, because the combination is indeed magical. The pad also saves the day because there is some noise in the samples, which becames very prominent when playing chords or when holding notes with a sustain pedal. The pad will mostly cover the noise though, but it still sounds a bit empty when you let the pedal go at the wrong moment. I also got to say, I absolutely love the wallpaper.

    Alex Raptakis14 October 2021
  • A true inspiration

    I like the piano especially for it's unique character and the inspiration it has to me. I really like that I can make many adjustments to the sound and I love the pad sound underneath the piano. Only two things I would change and maybe it's just within DecentSampler: The loudest notes are a lot louder I mean probably noone would hit this piano so hard so it's not that bad and when I turn the pedal noise knob just a little bit up it's way too loud maybe this is a mistake in the DS-Script

    Philemon Reinhardt14 October 2021
  • can a piano be any better

    this is a beautiful piano with a rich tone and a beautiful ambient texture the tail is beautiful a tad of reverb can make this piano even better because the contrast between the note hold and a release is a bit harsh what i did was i added two busses and the instrument sends the audio the these two busses in one i have a 2 second reverb at around 70% in the other bus i added a 60 second reverb and had it at around 10% this gives a nice ambiance and a beautiful room tone to this piano

    de silva14 October 2021
  • Unique warm sound

    Before i picked up a few of fracture sounds pianos which are of course much more detailed than free pianos this was one of my go to pianos. Its really warm and i love the sound of the mechanics and everything. The pad layer is really nice too and the color of the gui is really pleasing

    septemberwalk14 October 2021
  • My Fave Piano On Pianobook!

    ...and why do I say this. Well for me it embodies the spirit of pianobook. To be able to play Dan, playing this piano, in this space at this time. It is an immersive sonic photograph. The piano will only sound like this on this day. The number of times it has been played, who has played it, who hasn't, all the way back to it coming out of the factory and what the weather was like that day. What Dan has done is allow us to experience that. The recording is impeccable, and it is about as close as you'll get to being in the room, listening to Dan play on that piano, day and time. Congrats Dan, a classic. Vintage piano but not pub! Great if you want a natural "real" piano as you would find it in someone's house not a concert hall.

    Christian Henson13 October 2021
  • Feels like sitting in a living room playing an old piano.

    This isn't the most hi-fi and clean recorded piano. But that's the charm. To me it feels like an old piano that's been sitting in the living room of the family cabin for years. A lot of character for inspiration.

    CJ Thomas13 October 2021