Native Flute & Ebows

A Native American flute paired with an ebowed Piano

The story

I recently had this Native American flute sent to me as a present by my friend and piano book regular Jon Meyer. Here’s my attempt at making a useable sampled instrument out of something I can’t play! For more info on how I made this sample instrument check out the youtube video below. It shows how I used cross fade dynamics to enable adjustment of vibrato in real time and a pimped version of Ippolito Parrinello’s Ebow Piano (full version you can find here: ).

Reviews for Native Flute & Ebows

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  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • Use in every Track

    The Ebow Patch is one of my favorite sounds on pianobook and it finds its way into all my tracks. The high end, fluttery textures work so well to add interest to really anything. I don't even care that there isn't a GUI. I have only used it so far as single note textures but i think its also awesome as a pad, the way the flutters dont happen right away, but creep in is so great. When you hold down a chord the way the different flutters interact with each other is awesome. This would make an awesome labs instrument. I rated the GUI 5 even though there isn't one because i feel this instrument deserves 5 stars even with no GUI

    septemberwalk08 November 2021
  • Pianobook doesn't get much better...

    This library sounds utterly gorgeous. Breathy but warm, and with a wonderfully human feel. The sound of this library will take you places. The way the sound changes and grows as you play it makes it feel so organic and special. This is one of if not Christian's best! The only thing stopping this being 5 stars across the board from me is the lack of GUI. But who needs one when it sounds this good! Bravo!

    R.Treves20 October 2021
  • Cannot tell the instrument, such a soft and delicate textured library

    It has two patches - fast attack and slow attack separately. No GUI but I think it is intentional so that the original sound should be played as it is. It has such a delicate shimmer to the sound and that makes the sound a little nostalgic. Very beautiful pad.

    Asuka Amane21 October 2021
  • Blindly amazing.

    Save it. Run Kontakt. Slap the Ebow-multi, and lose yourself - that's it, that's the magic. We are done. Sure there's no GUI, there are no settings, nothing. You have to figure it out yourself. But ok, I'll give you a hint. You can control things under the hood with CC1 and CC11. That makes things easier, does it? Now go, go play, go create something.

    Alex Raptakis16 October 2021
  • Simple, unique, charming

    Don't approach this as a Native American flute library, you'll be disappointed. However, this pack demonstrates wonderfully how sometimes both simple is best and that it's how you combine things that creates the magic. The result load the multi a charming, evolving, lyrical pad sound that has elements of wind instrument, reverse sound pad, e-bow and twinkles. Surprisingly good reall.

    Mark Lord11 November 2021
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