Spring Piano

Christian's Schimmel upright with three mic sets

The story

As seen on the YouTube channel, my Schimmel recorded with three mic signals – 2 x M149a, One Soyuz Mono Mic and a Sontronics Apollo 2 stereo ribbon.

All about the recording:

All about the mic set-up:


Reviews for Spring Piano

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  • Clear and bright, excellent sound!

    A very clear and bright sounded piano library. Velocity and volume, all are balanced and playability is great. Another nice piano to add to the collection!

    Asuka Amane22 October 2021
  • My Favorite Non-Felted Upright Piano on Pianobook

    Thank you for sampling your work Piano and offering for free Christian!

    As non-felted upright pianos go, this one is a bit darker and warmer but it has a beautiful rich tone and an intimate feel. Overall, I think it makes a wonderful solo piano instrument if you want something that doesn't have the felt preparation or the soft pedal pressed down but you still want a piano sound that is moody, emotional and dare I say... Spitfire!


    - Great rich warm tone - nice woody resonance in the lower register
    - Even sound across the keyboard
    - Microphone perspectives are a nice bonus, all mics on sounds best
    - Individual control over key release noise adds a lovely touch of cozy
    - Makes me feel like I'm at Grandmum's cottage watching the sunrise
    - Happy piano sound, suitable for children and youth, PG-13 Rated


    - Latency in playability brought to you by the sample top & tail master
    - Pedal noise could make this a more immersive playing experience
    - Limited dynamic range, though I don't feel entitled to more layers

    Christian has many sampled pianos and likely more than anyone else on the planet but this one is a true gift. It's free, it's unique and it has Spitfire quality infused into it as upright pianos go in the Spitfire catalog.

    Thank you Christian Henson!

    Bob Guido07 January 2022
  • Pianobook OG

    I remember this one from when i first got into Pianobook. I always thought it had a pleasing tone. Its definitely on the darker side but i usually prefer darker pianos in my work. The one issue is it can get pretty noisy sometimes, i think maybe this is in the release trigger samples. i dont want to have to sacrifice the release triggers to get rid of the noise though. I usually dont mind a bit of noise but its really alot here. It would be mostly fine in a solo situation but noise can really be an issue when things start getting brighter and louder with mixing and mastering. This is still a really beautiful and delicate piano though although probably not my favorite from christian

    septemberwalk15 November 2021
  • This will put a spring in your step!

    The inclusion of Mic levels in this instrument are a brilliant addition. As a Sontronics user I can attest to their brilliance and the Apollo sounds amazing here. The low end of the piano feels a little noisy, but the mid to upper register is a thing of beauty! Like some of Christian's other piano libraries on PB the release triggers are quite heavy and loud but as always you have the option to attenuate them to a desired volume.

    R.Treves20 October 2021
  • Wonderful sound overall!

    This seems that it has been sampled really well, with a nice intimate sound and just a little bit of noise that can be mostly turned of if you turn the volume of the release samples. There are 3 mics offered and the GUI does a good job telling you about them. The worst part about this instrument is that low velocity sounds like turned down normal velocity, which doesn't seem proper for more quiet, smoother playstyles. Other than that, it's a fantastic instrument!

    Alex Raptakis19 October 2021
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