Summer Piano

A beautiful Summer-y take on the Shimmel we all know and love from the shed.

The story

Just as summer is drawing to a close, we bring you the Summer Piano.  Presented in our brand-new monolith format, here is another beautiful take on the Shimmel we all know and love from the shed.

To learn more about our monolith concept, check out the video linked below!

Reviews for Summer Piano

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  • GUI

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  • Options for tightness of response

    As other reviews have mentioned, there is a massive problem with this library in that the tails of the samples are cropped incorrectly and if you hold the notes out long enough, they will play the next sample in the monolith, which is up a minor third from the note you played. Given how long it take to locate the correct section of the monolith and then zoom in on it and correct the sample tail, it's not really worth the time it would take to fix this. It is a massive downside to the monolith sampling format. I do sincerely appreciate having a tight response version of this library. I understand the concept of how it was supposed to be used, but using one version of the library to track and another to play back meanwhile changing the track's delay offset time seems like an awful lot of extra work, especially when you realize that Logic measures tie not in milliseconds, but in ticks, whose temporal value changes with the project's tempo. So, the number of ticks that the track would have to play ahead would have to be calculated each time this sound is used. While I like the concept, It feels like too much effort to me. I'd just find a different sample.

    Sam Ecoff10 November 2021
  • A very sweet piano with uncropped tails

    The worst part of this little piano patch is that if you hold a note for around 12 seconds or more, you will hear an extra note right after it. Realistically though I don't expect that to happen in a realistic composing or performing scenario, unless you like to hold the notes for too long, like with the sustain pedal.

    Other than that the piano sounds lovely and there is no audible noise. I noticed that mid-high range is not panned properly, favoring the left channel more. When it comes to playability, the top dynamic layer is kind of up there with a big difference in volume, but I take that as an extra, maybe for the surprise factor, and not something that you will use all the time. Don't expect to find any GUI because there isn't one.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Some disadvantages with monolith...

    Monolith samples are really great in terms of efficiency, but holding notes too long on this piano will trigger another different one. While this rarely happened to me mostly because the sound of the note is long gone before the next one, it is something to keep in mind. Otherwise it sounds good, albeit it's a pretty average piano library.

    Christopher28 October 2021
  • Nice bright tone

    I often find these brighter pianos lack character and vibe but i really like the sound of this one. Its bright but not too much and still feels warm in a way. Theres the above mentioned monolith issue where the sample repeat after you hold a note down for too long which i guess would only be an issue with the sustain pedal. Its not a super dynamic piano either with is super important to me but all in all i really like the sound and would be really happy if some future improvements were made

    septemberwalk10 November 2021