Prepared Toy Piano

Three libraries in one pack for latest Kontakt version."Felt Toy Piano", "Prepared Toy Piano" and "Scrambled Toy Piano".

The story

“Felt Toy Piano” – damped sound achieved by placing felt as well as toilet paper between the hammers and strings. Layered a couple of recording for a warm sound.It’s got reverb and attack controls.
“Prepared Toy Piano” – here I experimented with placing coils around the strings, bouncing small hammers, plucking the strings, and created a few glisses, et cetera. The description arguably sounds more interesting than the sounds. Also created three evolving synth pads which I’m quite fond of.
“Scrambled Toy Piano” – these are left-over from the electronic experiments for “Prepared Toy Piano”, with another pad, some swarming sounds, plucks and rhythmic loop pads.
Key ranges vary per patch. I have included a document that shows these, but I’m sure you’ll find them anyway. Between the three instruments, I hope there are some nice sounds. Thanks for playing!


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