The story

“Felt Toy Piano” – damped sound achieved by placing felt as well as toilet paper between the hammers and strings. Layered a couple of recording for a warm sound.It’s got reverb and attack controls.
“Prepared Toy Piano” – here I experimented with placing coils around the strings, bouncing small hammers, plucking the strings, and created a few glisses, et cetera. The description arguably sounds more interesting than the sounds. Also created three evolving synth pads which I’m quite fond of.
“Scrambled Toy Piano” – these are left-over from the electronic experiments for “Prepared Toy Piano”, with another pad, some swarming sounds, plucks and rhythmic loop pads.
Key ranges vary per patch. I have included a document that shows these, but I’m sure you’ll find them anyway. Between the three instruments, I hope there are some nice sounds. Thanks for playing!


Reviews for Prepared Toy Piano

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  • Simply incredible, times 3!

    Even if this was just about the first, simple Felt Toy Piano, this would be a downright recommendation. The extra two patches are simply two big red cherries on top of an already delicious cake. One thing at a time though:

    The Felt Toy Piano patch is simply one of the most expressive toy pianos I've ever heard in my life. It's deep, emotional, resonant, and pretty much everything you want from a toy piano. It comes with 3 round robins across 3 full octaves as well, but the magic begins with the other two patches.

    Both the Prepared and Scrambled patches are made with the idea of blending multiple different and unique sounding layers on top of each other, in order to create a different tone every single time. The amount of choices is immense, and all the sounds compliment each other.

    The only minor issue I found is that on the Scrambled patch, the hitboxes of the "Asia" and "Horror" sliders are a little bit tricky to catch, since the hitbox of the slider on their left seems to be on top.

    Besides that, it's a recommendation for sure, even if you are just in search of a nice felt toy piano!

    Alex Raptakis30 August 2022
  • Really cool!

    The felt toy piano sounds incredible! The scrambled toy piano as well! I would've loved that with the prepared toy piano that you start off with one or a couple of the sounds on though, but still sounds really cool. Incredible work!

    Snake28 September 2022