Little Red Organ

Basic sample instrument based on a Farfisa Compact Organ. Featuring only one setting, though with key noises also recorded.

The story

This is my first sample instrument, so I wanted to create something simple and light.

I have used short samples and looped them to create a sample instrument that is under 6Mb.

The organ has one set of samples, and a second set of key noises. These can be blended to create a desired noise.

Controls for Tone, Reverb and Chorus allows the organ to create a range of sounds.

The organ still required lots of work, such a recapping and tolex replacing. This organ was toured heavily in the 60s and this I reflected in its condition and collection of scars.


Reviews for Little Red Organ

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  • Big red!

    Nice work! The samples sound good and full and reflect the source well - maybe a little low mid taming would help, particularly when playing multiple notes in the lower octave. It'd be interesting too to have a driven amp version that you could blend in with the DI sounds.

    Mark Lowrie28 June 2022