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Sir Bass a Kontakt library meticulously crafted from a Sire V3 bass guitar. This extensive instrument collection captures the essence of the Sire V3’s versatile sound, offering a wide range of tonal options for your musical explorations.

The Sire V3 Bass, renowned for its Marcus Miller-inspired design and exceptional sonic capabilities, served as the cornerstone of this Kontakt library. Through a combination of careful recording techniques and meticulous sound processing, the true essence of the Sire V3 has been captured:

* **Ampeg Simulator:** The Sire V3 was played through an Ampeg simulator, adding a touch of warm, classic bass sound to the recordings.

* **AKG C1000 and SM58:** Employing a dynamic duo of microphones, the AKG C1000 captured the overall tone of the bass, while the SM58 added punch and articulation.

* **Logic Pro Processing:** Light compression and EQ from Logic Pro were applied to refine the sound, ensuring clarity and balance.

* **Palmer DI Sound:** A DI sound from Palmer provided a direct, unprocessed signal for added versatility.

* **Hum and Noise Reduction:** The recordings were meticulously processed in RX7 to eliminate hum and various noises, ensuring a clean and pristine sound.

**Three Pickup Modes and Pro53 Filter Control**

Leveraging the Sire V3’s versatile electronics, three distinct pickup modes were recorded:

**Mode A4:** This mode captures the standard pickup configuration, offering a balanced and versatile sound.

**Mode B4:** This mode engages the bridge pickup, providing a punchy and aggressive tone.

**Mode C5:** This mode engages the neck pickup, delivering a warm and round sound.

Additionally, the mod wheel controls the Pro53 low-pass filter, allowing for dynamic shaping of the bass tone.

The Kontakt library includes four custom patches, each utilizing the key switches to access the three pickup modes and providing additional sound-shaping capabilities. These patches offer a starting point for further creative exploration.

**Compatible with Kontakt 6.6.1**

Reviews for Sir Bass

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  • An attacky e-bass with extras

    On this relatively big download you will find five different patches of an electric bass, four of them being having pre-applied effects in some way. In all of them, you initially get no sound, since you have to select the pickup via one of the three provided keyswitches, coloured in red. It would be nice if the first one was the default.

    I also kept getting a missing sample error, but I found that the sample exists, but it has some non-standard symbols on the name (Sire V3 mod 3.17┬ιg#). I tried renaming the file and saving the location, but I kept getting the error every time. It won't remember the location, but it works if you select it.

    - The normal patch features a very attack-heavy sound with a weak tail and a long release. By selecting a different pickup you can clearly listen to a big clean change in the sound signature.
    - The Delayed patch can be very chaotic and you don't have any control over it.
    - The Distorted one is not that distorted, it seems compressed with some soft-clipping crunch.
    - The Dystopian is a drone-like sound with a very short sustain and somewhat short release.
    - The Pad is an interesting, slightly evolving and looping sound with some delayed action.

    The GUI might trick you that there are some extra settings there to mess with, but it's just a picture that tries to give you info about the pick-up selectors. I'd love to have some extra control over those sounds, but I'm sure many people will find those useful.

    Alex Raptakis26 December 2021
  • some great patches but overall not really for me

    Ill start by saying that on each of these patches you need to hit one of the key switches before you start playing. I thought it wasn't working at first but once i hit a key switch it started working. It should definitely open default on the first key switch to avoid confusion. As a guitar player, nothing can really substitute real guitar or bass playing for me because of the subtle nuances, little slides and transitions between notes of the real thing. With that said this can still definitely work well as aa sound design type bass.
    The first patch was really punchy, almost like an 808. I think this one could be useful in both soundtracks and pop/hip hop stuff.
    The delayed patch definitely gives an interesting delayed texture that we don't often see with bass instruments.
    The dystopian patch creates a really nice sub drone reminiscent of movie trailer music.
    These three patches were the highlight for me. Im not in love with this library but i still think some of these patches are really cool and useful.

    septemberwalk25 December 2021