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This unique cello simulator is meticulously crafted using a combination of Eurorack synth waves, comb filter processing, and meticulous sample recording techniques. This instrument offers a versatile and expressive cello-like sound, perfect for enhancing your string sections, doubling real cello lines, or adding a touch of warmth and authenticity to your orchestral arrangements.

At the heart of this cello simulator lies a Eurorack synth module, known for its ability to produce a wide range of analog-inspired sounds. To capture the essence of a cello’s timbre, a combination of sine, pulse, and square waves were carefully mixed and processed through a comb filter, a specialized effect that adds resonance and richness to the sound.

The resulting sounds were then meticulously recorded using high-quality microphones and recording techniques, preserving the intricate details and nuances of the synth-generated cello tones. This process ensured that the simulator captures the expressiveness and natural articulations of a real cello.

This cello simulator is a valuable tool for adding depth and warmth to your string sections. Its rich, expressive tones can be used to reinforce existing cello lines or add a touch of cello-like character to other string instruments. Additionally, the simulator can be used to double real cello recordings, enhancing the realism and fullness of your cello parts.

Beyond its traditional cello applications, this simulator can also be used to add a touch of authenticity to orchestral arrangements. Its expressive, evolving tones can be used to create ethereal pads, lush chords, and even melodic lines, complementing a wide range of orchestral instruments.

This cello simulator features a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls for shaping the sound to your liking. An LPF (low-pass filter) and volume control are assigned to the mod wheel, allowing you to seamlessly adjust the tonal character and dynamics of the simulated cello.

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  • Cool Low end

    I love the low end of this instrument. Sounds so booming. Gonna use it a lot to add some of that sub low-end in the tracks

    JashandeepReehal24 May 2022
  • A nice synth cello

    If you are familiar wih retro synthetic instruments, you will easily get the grasp of this one. It's a fairly straightforward cello-like synth that comes in a barebones patch that goes up to 3 octaves, with the only control being a filter bound to the modwheel. Initially you might get a very low volume level, and that's because the modwheel/filter is set to the very bottom. It would be helpful if there was an indicator to that, but once you realise it won't be a problem.

    Alex Raptakis30 April 2022
  • A very nice bass sound

    It has a really nice and booming bass and the sound is very interesting as an acoustic-sounding-bot-not-really instrument. I feel like the sounds are a bit too quiet and perhaps a bit unbalanced to use.