An old and broken ZX Spectrum with a 6581 SID chip manipulated into various instruments

The story

This is my first atttemp to create a full sampled instrument. Last month I came across an old and broken ZX Spectrum with a 6581 SID chip and I’ve managed to repair it enough to capture a couple of samples. Nothing fancy, just some sinewaves and squarewaves. But as I’ve learned following Chistian Henson and the Pianobook community is that every sound can be manipulated enough to mutate in a great instrument.

I’ve tried to create and instrument that is playable but that still maintain the original sonic characteristics of the SID chip.
The package also contains 10 curated presets.

I hope everything works and that you will enjoy playing with it.

Have fun!
Julian Doe

– Made with Kontakt 6.5.2 (R113) –

Reviews for 6581

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  • Playability
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  • A nice synth with playablity problems

    This is a very lovely synth and very well executed. You will definitely like the sound but it might take you some time to get used to performing on it. The reason is that the low velocity samples are extremely quiet, and the mid velocity ones are moderately loud, enough to make the low ones disappear, something that can be easily fixed in programming. I also want to mention that this has an actual working arpeggiator that can inspire you to create something much different!

    Alex Raptakis28 October 2021
  • Very simple synth to play with

    Very simple and basic sound of synth. I think it can be further arranged to suit own needs. I like the middle range of warm sound, well captured and recorded!

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • Fun retro game sounds with some issues

    This is a fun collection of SID inspired sounds. The inclusion of delay, reverb, and even an arpeggiator in the GUI makes these sounds really fund and even more playable. Not very preset has access to the arpeggiator, and not every preset allows you to control the delay and reverb. Some are drenched. You can deactivate the reverb and delay within Kontakt, but GUI controls would have been nice, especially given that some of the presets have them. One very notable absence on the GUI is the ability to eliminate the delay. There's a control for delay time, but nothing which allows control of the return amount of delay. Again, you can dig into Kontakt and turn it off, but given that some delay controls are provided within eh GUI, it would be nice if a delay amount knob was present too. I do appreciate the fact that the dry samples were included here so that users can apply their own effects to their own taste. Over all, this is a great sample library with good playability and unique character. It's a worthy download.

    Sam Ecoff28 October 2021
  • Not for me personally, very cool though

    While personally im not into sounds of this nature, objectively they're pretty fun and interesting. You get some different patches to play around with as well. As sam mentioned some of the GUI's are better than others and offer more control which is strange. While i do think its cool that an arpeggiator was included i dont think its necessary since we all have arpeggiators in our DAW. Time could have been spent elsewhere like with the slight velocity sensitivity issues or with making the GUI's all have the same functionality. As i said im personally not into these digital synthesis type of sounds but i think there on pianobook will really enjoy this

    septemberwalk07 November 2021
  • A simple 8-bit sound...

    It's a simple 8-bit sound and not much else. This instrument might be better replaced by a synth engine and a little tweaking if you're looking for that type of square/saw wave texture. Not very useful for me, but others may find more value in it. Definitely well put together and sampled, though.

    Christopher19 October 2021