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**Immerse Yourself in the Low-End Power of “Mother of Lows”**

Step into the realm of subterranean grooves and rumbling foundations with “Mother of Lows,” a Kontakt library crafted from the depths of a Moog Mother 32 analog synthesizer. This collection of basses, low synths, and sub bass sounds delivers a rich and diverse palette of low-end textures, perfect for adding depth and impact to your musical productions.

**A Journey into Analog Synthesis**

At the core of “Mother of Lows” lies the Moog Mother 32, a semi-modular analog synthesizer renowned for its warm, organic sound and versatile modulation capabilities. The synth was carefully processed through a Boss CS2 compressor to tame its dynamic range and an Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress chorus to add lush, swirling depth. The resulting sounds were captured with an AKG C1000 microphone, preserving the analog character and intricate details.

**A Diverse Collection of Low-End Textures**

“Mother of Lows” offers a diverse array of seven distinct low-end instruments, each possessing its own unique sonic personality:

* **Sub Bass:** Experience the earth-shaking rumble of a powerful sub bass instrument.

* **Punchy Bass:** Unleash the punchy attack and dynamic response of a punchy bass sound.

* **Synth Bass:** Explore the versatility of a synth bass with both warmth and brightness.

* **Distorted Bass:** Add a touch of raw analog grit and distortion to your bass lines.

* **Modulated Bass:** Enjoy the expressive qualities of a modulated bass sound with dynamic tonal shifts.

* **Reverb Bass:** Create ethereal, spacious bass tones with a unique reverb technique.

* **Chorus Bass:** Embrace the classic vintage vibe of a chorus-infused bass sound.

**Intuitive Controls for Sonic Shaping**

To give you greater control over the sound, “Mother of Lows” features a user-friendly interface with dedicated controls for distortion, modulation, and reverb. These controls allow you to tailor the sound to your specific needs, adding more bite, shimmer, or spaciousness to the low-end textures. Additionally, the mod wheel is mapped to the Pro53 filter, enabling real-time tonal manipulation during performance.

**Compatible with Kontakt 6.6.0**


Reviews for Mother of Lows

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  • Gorgeous low tones

    I have had great fun playing with this, and such a varied collection in one library. Such a clean sound for low tones like this, I usually find things getting very muddy. Gave me quite a bit of inspiration having this library last night.

    QorbeQSamplist 24 January 2022

    This is a very thick sounding instrument, with 8 different patches for you to play around. In general the sound quality is good, though there are some clicks every now and then, probably because of some looping issues.

    The GUI offers 3 knobs to alter the sound, but I'd stay away from the middle one, because it enhances the looping-clicking problem greatly. There is no ADSR settings offered but it's programmed in a way that you can alter the envelope by accessing the "Edit Mode" in Kontakt, and going all the way down to the Modulation window. It works just as fine!

    Alex Raptakis24 January 2022
  • Amazing bass sounds, lacks control

    I really like the sounds this library has, "Mother Of Lows" is certainly a fitting name and a well-deserved one as well.

    For me, it misses some controls. I would have loved some ADSR controls and maybe even an option for a portamento sound or something. That would really make this better since you rely on some quite raw sounds with only three effects.

    Apart from that, I think this is a really decent library with some nice sounds, which work great for powerful basses in your music.

    BenBerkenbosch25 September 2022