Crappy Flute

Made with three mismatched pieces for a pure crappy sound

The story

Hi everyone, This is an instrument created recording a broken Yamaha recorded with mismatched pieces inside a bathroom with a Shure SM58 close and an AKG C1000s room using an out-of-phase splitter cable. I’ve recorded Longs, three types of shorts, two trills, and some FXs. The result is quite crap, hence the name, so it can be quite useful in a lo-fi environment. The mod wheel controls a low pass filter. Bonus: Manipulating the sounds I’ve created a mellotron-like patch called Rotten Strawberry. I hope you like it. Julian – Made with Kontakt 6.7 –

Reviews for Crappy Flute

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  • A different flute to explore

    If you were looking for an actual classical flute, well this is definitely not it, but don't look away. This package will give you access to 8 different patches featuring shorts, longs and SFX. The sound quality is very good and the sounds are very interesting themselves, a more to the playful side I'd dare to say. The patches are fairly straightforward with no extra features, and you will require to have an updated version of Kontakt to run them.

    Alex Raptakis21 March 2022