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**Unleash the Quirky Charm of “Crappy Flute”**

Embark on a sonic adventure with “Crappy Flute,” a Kontakt library that embraces the unconventional and transforms a broken Yamaha flute into a source of lo-fi, characterful sounds. This unique instrument captures the essence of imperfection, adding a touch of quirkiness and unpredictability to your musical creations.

**Crafting Lo-Fi Flute Sounds from Broken Parts**

The foundation of “Crappy Flute” lies in a broken Yamaha flute, intentionally outfitted with mismatched pieces to enhance its unconventional sonic character. This quirky instrument was then meticulously recorded in a bathroom, capturing both close-up details with a Shure SM58 microphone and room ambiance with an AKG C1000s microphone. An out-of-phase splitter cable was used to add a unique layer of lo-fi texture to the recordings.

**A Collection of Quirky and Experimental Sounds**

“Crappy Flute” offers a diverse array of sounds, including longs, three types of shorts, two trills, and an assortment of FXs. These sounds range from breathy, ethereal tones to glitchy, distorted effects, providing a unique sonic palette for lo-fi productions and experimental music genres.

**Intuitive Controls for Lo-Fi Manipulation**

To further enhance the lo-fi aesthetic, “Crappy Flute” features a dedicated control for manipulating the low-pass filter using the mod wheel. This allows you to add a touch of warmth, grit, or murkiness to the flute sounds, tailoring them to your specific creative needs.

**Bonus: Rotten Strawberry Mellotron Patch**

As a bonus, I carefully crafted a Mellotron-like patch called “Rotten Strawberry” using the sounds from “Crappy Flute.” This unique patch captures the nostalgic charm of Mellotron strings while infusing it with the quirky, lo-fi character of the broken flute.

**Compatible with Kontakt 6.7**

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  • What is this crap?...

    Why did I immediately play strawberry fields... then saw the Rotten Strawberrys patch.

    I actually really like the sound of these, it's perfect for a lofi project I'm working on. With the loads of effects and somewhat curious thrills, I'd say this is a pretty well thought out library.

    It's also pretty dry, so the samples took well to my own reverbs and effects.

    rrahim25 May 2022

    lol its not a crappy flute. it gives you different variations of sound within the instrument that you can use for almost anything. (As a hip/hop producer/composer I'm happy to have it. A leedle EQ may be necessary but that's necessary for almost all pieces of music combined to form a project. BUT I am certain that this one library will meet you flute needs :)

    khrimsun23 May 2022
  • Whistle while you work!

    The flute may have been crappy but this is a good little VST.

    There's a wide collection of articulations from a short whistle type sound (like I've heard from a circus organ) to longs that would sit nicely as part of a pad. Then there's some fun stuff like trills to play with on top and the 'rotten strawberries' pad does indeed conjour up mellotronic feelings, if the panning is perhaps a bit strong.

    The sound quality is excellent, great job with the sampling.

    Giles M24 May 2022
  • A different flute to explore

    If you were looking for an actual classical flute, well this is definitely not it, but don't look away. This package will give you access to 8 different patches featuring shorts, longs and SFX. The sound quality is very good and the sounds are very interesting themselves, a more to the playful side I'd dare to say. The patches are fairly straightforward with no extra features, and you will require to have an updated version of Kontakt to run them.

    Alex Raptakis21 March 2022
  • Cool lo-fi flute samples

    The amount of patches surprised me! It's fun playing around with them and would definitely suit more lo-fi style arrangements. But the shorts could have a role in different styles of music too!
    Particularly liked the trills patches and playing chords with them which results in some interesting textures!
    I think crappy might be the wrong term since this is not crappy at all. I think lo-fi flute suits it better!

    Nomax24 May 2022