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“Liquid Merge Chaos,” a unique collection of sounds crafted from a liquid-damaged Adventure Audio Merge synthesizer. Delve into the realm of unconventional sound creation, where accidental damage has given birth to a captivating array of raw, processed timbres.

Unveiling the Sonic Treasures of a Damaged Synthesizer

At the heart of this collection lies an Adventure Audio Merge synthesizer, a beloved instrument known for its rich analog textures and versatile modulation capabilities. However, this Merge took an unexpected turn when it encountered an unfortunate encounter with liquid. After meticulous cleaning and repair, it was discovered that four of the six TL074 chips had sustained damage.

Harnessing the Unconventional Sawtooth Tones

This seemingly irreparable damage, however, led to an unexpected sonic discovery. With an unplugged jack inserted into the input, the Merge began producing a distinctive sawtooth-like sound, a product of its altered circuitry. Seizing this opportunity, the raw sound was captured directly into Logic, preserving its unique character and unpredictable variations.

Shaping the Chaos with Merge Controls and Logic

Utilizing the Merge’s controls, the raw sawtooth sound was further manipulated, creating variations such as Pulse, Square, and Sine waves. These raw patches served as the foundation for further sonic exploration, where plugins were employed to add layers of distortion, modulation, and effects.

A Sonic Exploration with Diverse Patches

The result is a diverse collection of ten custom sounds, each showcasing the unique character and unpredictable nature of the damaged Merge:

Glitchy and Erratic Sawtooth Patches: Unleash the raw, unpredictable sawtooth waves, reminiscent of old-school arcade game sounds and vintage electronic music.

Distorted and Modulated Pulse Patches: Explore the rhythmic and percussive pulse patches, ideal for creating pulsating beats and otherworldly grooves.

Shimmering and Atmospheric Square Patches: Immerse yourself in the ethereal and ambient square patches, perfect for crafting soundscapes and evolving textures.

Expressive and Melodic Sine Patches: Discover the expressive sine patches, capable of producing soaring synth lines and captivating melodies.


– Made with Kontakt 6.7
You can listen to a demo of the instrument in this video:

P.S.: After substituting the TL04 chips with new ones, Merge returned to standard functionality.


Julian Doe

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